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Should I ask her out or wait a while longer?

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I have transferred to a new high school this September, there is this girl their who didn't catch my eye at first but now I really like her.


I have spoken to her quite a few times and she said she would only have a relationship with someone who would be committed and "not just have a fling", I told her that sort of relationship appealled to me also.


We sit together regularly during classes and study sessions and we get along well together. She smiles a lot at me and laughs at my jokes, and when we are not sitting together she looks over (she plays with her hair alot!!)


First of all, do you think shes interested - and secondly do you think I should get to know her a little better before I make a move? Considering we both want a lasting relationship?

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Start saying hi to her as soon as you see her and every day. You don't have to talk if you don't want. Just say hi. Depending on her personality she might just start talking to you.


So does she play with her hair while accross the room looking at you? That would be a definite go.


But to answer the question, if she starts showing signs then don't ever wait. Any girl you like deserves better then that IMO.



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Ask her to hang out outside of school - even if it's to study, you don't want to wait for signals for so long she thinks YOU'RE not interested. You should be able to tell something from her reaction - and take it from there, if she's enthusiastic and all, don't drop it there, ask her to a movie or something!

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