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Help...Please tell me what you think.

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Ok, here is something I would like to throw at you all. I have been working as a contractor for about 2 years. During those years, I have become attracted to my clients. I am a single lesbian and not out to anybody at work. Lately, I have noticed that three of my clients are "seemingly" showing interest. One of them can not even contiune a conversation if I walk by her office. she been dropping papers and walking into doors, when I am around. I have another one that is beginning to touch me on the arm and shoulder. When she never touched me before. Lastly, there is one, who I am very much attracted. She does not tell me that she has a bf but she is living with a man. No wedding ring. she winks at me while talking to me. I know this may sound funny but this morning I was walking by and she looked at me as if she could rip my clothes off. I do not know if these ladies are just trying to figure out if I am a lesbian and ruin my reputation at work or if there IS something there.

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the only way they are going to find out is if you tell them, so don't tell them if you are worried about what they might say. unless you want them to know because you want to start a relationship or something if they are lesbian too... you could become friends with them & tell them when you know you can trust them. otherwise, for now just don't worry about it because they won't know until you let them know.

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I would think if they are trying to do something negative and ruin your reputation, they would be acting cold or distant from you. Their behaviour seems to suggest the opposite. I think you'd pick up definate signs if one of them was out to get you in a bad way. Be careful though. Why not a 'girls night out', definitely not a date, and see what the reaction is.

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