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My girlfriend broke up with me again!

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My girlfriend broke up with me again first time she broke up with me was in July now she did this last night again...over the phone again! the first time she broke up with me i drove 1500 miles to get her back in my life. then she went back out with me she said she did it because she couldnt stand me upset and hurt. but now she said she cant hold back her feelings and that she doesnt love me like a boyfriend anymore. she said she wants to see what else is out there for her because she said theres always that what if in her mind.She said that though she would like to be married to me in the future because im a good canadent. And also she said i would be alot more mature!. She wants to be able to do what she wants and she said that she doesnt want me to tell her what she can do and not do. im guessing shes tierd of me but...i think in time things will be alright between us again and maybe she will want me back.

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Canidate? What is her life, a soap opera like "Joe Millionare"? If she's treating you like some prospective mate that means she probably doesn't think too highly of you, or herself. If she wants to go spead her wings, Yo-go-gung-ho, let her go. Love comes and goes like the tides, and you need to take the initative to move on. She's already seeking out the next horse to put in the stable, it's time for you to find someone that will make you truly happy. Best of luck to you.

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DoorMouse is absolutely right. It's ridiculous that she'd even SAY such a thing, that you're a good "candidate"!! How insulting! Don't waste your time waiting for this one, as she clearly expects you to. Don't be a doormat for her and fall over pleasing her. She let you go, and has made her decision that there's someone better out there. Sad thing is, she'll learn that there's no "magical guy" who's any better than what she had, that's rare to find!


Let her go and move on yourself, don't wait for this girl. Her shallowness, insensitivity and callousness amaze me, and I'd be sad to see a nice guy like you waste your affections on someone who could treat you in such a manner!



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DO NOT take this girl back. EVER. sorry to be so blunt, and i'm sure she has some nice qualities somewhere, but for her to string you along like this and essentially say, "i wanna have my fun but if things go wrong for me, at least i can fall back on a chump like you who will always be there to kiss my butt" is WRONG and EVIL. she is using you. you are worth more than that -- don't let someone manipulate you and show so little regard for your needs and emotions. take control of your own life, do what makes YOU happy, don't sit around waiting for this chick. find someone you genuinely love who genuinely loves you back.

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I truly feel badly for you, then, if THIS is the kind of woman you want to be with. She said TO YOUR FACE that she'll take you back only after she's made sure there's nothing better out there, and you want her back??? Well, good luck, because if she's using you as a fall-back guy now, you think she won't do it again? She will. I hope your heart is strong enough for repeated rejection, because if you let her do this to you once, she WILL do it again, once she sees you're willing to be her doormat and wait while she "tries out" other guys......



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I hate to say it but you have to get a tight grip on the reality of things!


our situation is very like mine - Except, I took her back!


Same kind of line - you're great and you come real close to being my Mr Perfect but I just gotta make sure. She dumps me and three months later we get back together and a year later she finishes with me all over again! I still let her mess me around! I nearly got back together with her four months ago. We hooked up, slept together and played bf/gf, but she still can't commit and won't commit because she still has her eye on finding Mr Perfect. I will always be second best because she believes there is someone better out there.


My advice to you is this: -


Get out there yourself and have as much fun as possible!


Date other women whether you want to or not - at least spend time with other women and enjoy their company.


DO NOT contact your ex! If she comes back in three months and says 'hey honey.. couldn't find anyone better.. you're just gonna have to do..' then by all means take her back. But believe me your relationship will be a farce.. you will spend every waking hour walking on glass.. and believe me she will finish with you again! You will not be yourself in a relationship filled with self-doubt.. and that very self-doubt and lack of confidence will be the very thing which sinks your ship again.


Don't trust her mate!!


Harsh but you know I am right!


Keep your chin up!


Richard III

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Man, don't take her back. Read some of my posts over the last few months. My ex did this to me THREE times over 2 1/2 years, only because I let her. Cut her off now, if you get back with her it will end again. Mine ended because I couldn't trust her because of her continued fear of commitment. Leave this girl alone, it will be hard at first but it is for the best.

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