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why did she leave me when she said she loved me the day be4?

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Well this was a big problem 4 me to handle after what had happened to me. I was with this girl i met at skoo she was smart, good looking, and kool so i was like i am verry lucky to have found her, especially at college where my major is enginnering and the department is full of guys ( she is also a engi. major) Well time went by and my so called friend was givin me advice about her how she is not good for me etc. we had problems 4 a while and decided to keep it as friends. but i realized that i was missing her so we get back together, not knowing she and my friend had gone to the club and were getting 2 close. But i managed to 4 give her cause my feelings were verry strong, as 4 my friend i lost respect 4 him. So everything was good we both loved each other she would tell me "your the best thing that has ever happened 2 me, ur the one, i miss you, cant go through a day without talking to you" But their was always an issue that always bothered me the fact that she told me that she had feelings 4 him but she loved me we broke up once again, and it felt like the worse day ever. this did not last though she realized wut she was missing so she told me that she wanted to get back. I took the chance and said yeah! once again we were verry happy and this certain someone was tickin me off i felt like doing something to him. But i did not want to go down to his level, so moths pass and i felt like i love her even more, she also would says the same thing. A week before she left to a conference for enginnering at Las Vegas i took the time to go out with her get her stuff ready, helping her out i could not go which i should have because that certain someone was going but she went. The day before i remember this like if it was yesterday she said " i dont want to go with out you, i miss ya a lot, baby i love you" i was like damm she does care about me. She left on a friday and came back on monday thats when it happened i had a bad feeling and she said that she started getting feelings for him. I was like wut the **** i dont know wut to do i cant sleep, eat just thinkin about the situattion plus i have her 4 a class and he also is an enginner major takin some of the same classes. She wants to be friends but we went out on halloween to look 4 a costume 4 her and she tells me that she misses me and is verry close to me. I need to know wut to do?

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Depends what you want, if you want her back then all you can do is hang on in there and hope she changes her mind and wants you back.


Try dating some other women if you can, this may give her a jolt that you really are the one for her, dont be her puppy waiting for her to come back to you, make her realise she could lose you.


Try and relax about the whole thing, if its gonna work out then it will. Force yourself to eat and get to the docs for some sleeping tablets if you havent slept for more than a few days otherwise you health is gonna suffer.


Good luck and be strong.

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i agree with the last post, but i most also tell u to think about what will happen if u two get back together again. is she gonna start getting those same feelings back for that guy again? it cant keep going on like this. shes gotta either realise those feelings for him, or get rid of them so she can b with u. this u must tell her when the time is right.

good luck

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