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I've talked about this ex in previous posts. I was confused because he kept showing up to see me play at places around town (I play guitar and sing) He e-mailed me too because he had gone to see me play but I wasn't there because I wasn't playing that night. He e-mailed again after I had explained why I wasn't there and he wished me good luck and that he would probably come see me play next time. Him and his friend were really nice to me the first night. When I recently played at another place he was there again with his friend and he acted sort of weird. After I had set up my stuff I went and talked to these kids that I barely knew from high school b/c there was no-one else to talk to. I was just standing over there by them and then my ex came and stood right by me..I am just like umm ok. The kids I was talking to started talking to him they were all "Oh hi, I didn't think you were coming here anymore? blah blah..." I kind of just zoomed out at that point. I looked over at him and all he said was "Howdy." lol..I felt weird just standing there and I had to go to my car to get something so I just kind of slinked away. It might've seemed rude but I had to get stuff ready to play. Later I was still waiting to play and I was in line b/c I needed to ask the manager something and my ex and his friend were waiting in line behind me. They talked to me a little bit and we were laughing about something and then I had to talk to the manager. Then I just kind of walked over to where my stuff was and then I saw my dad and I went over and talked to him. He was like "Oh Chad is here." I'm just like "Yep." So anyways more of my friends came and I talked to them and then I played my songs (one of them I had learned for my ex because he had requested it at another gig but I didn't know it.) I was just being nice by playing it b/c after all he had come to see me play. Plus it was kind of a subtle hint saying "Hey, I still like you." I don't think he picked up on it though, oh well. Afterwards I hung out with my friends outside and he came over and stood with us he didn't really say anything to me. We looked at each other a few times but I don't really recall them being dirty looks or anything. I was just hanging out with everybody and we were talking about stupid stuff and laughing. Well, one of my friends decides to go to Meijer and everybody's all ok lets go. I was going to go, but I didn't really want to have to drive all the way there. For a moment I thought my ex and his friend were going with them..but they didn't. Well, a couple days ago I was online talking to one of my friends and this guy I talk to sometimes IMed me. He was all "LOL I had a long talk with (ex name)about you." Me being stupid and hopeful thought that it would be good news. It wasn't. According to this guy, my ex said he felt uncomfortable around me the whole time, and that I kept giving him dirty looks and all this other crap...I did no such thing! If I did by some chance give him a dirty look it wasn't intentional. All I said was hi to him! What did he expect from me? It just doesn't make sense. Plus the way the guy told me about it was just plain rude. You don't generally start a conversation with "(Ex's name) talked about you. You made him uncomfortable and gave him dirty looks blah blah..." Why would he be nice to me one minute, and be talking bad about me to other people? I don't understand why someone would be so mean. I didn't do anything to provoke that. Does this make sense to anyone? I still have feelings for him and I can't help it. One of my friends thinks that the guy online lied about all that and that my ex still likes me...but I think she is just trying to make me feel better... If anyone has any comments or ideas please let me know. Thank you so much. Later.

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He may still like you and that may be the cause for him being uncomfortable. Its not like he was required to stay there. There is always some awkwardness between ex's which is probably what you are feeling. If you are interested in starting something up again, next time he comes to see you play, start talking with him. Nothing deep or emotional. Just small talk. Doing this will probably feel strange at first, but at least he will know that you aren't trying to be rude or anything. Don't be over the top with your conversations, and don't go in there expecting anything. Just be friendly.


Best Wishes,


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