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Ok i am a semi-shy dude (depends who im around to be outgoing). Im 16 and male. And theres this girl that i hung out with over the weekend. And i had a couple of friends there, and she did too.


But i never really said a word to the girls, i kinda talked to my friends but NOT the girls. And they were all saying stuff like "he doesnt like us" "he doesnt wanna hang out with us".


I made it kinda clear that i wanted to hang out with them. The one girl says im hot, and shes hot as hell. I never really said a word to her though. at one point she said that i dont speak.


When she left she said she was sorry for being kinda loud and obnoxious and i said its all cool. Later on i heard she liked me but she wanted to make a move on my other friend too.(what the hell?)


I never really was like this around girls, and i seem like a biatch. But with like extremely new girls i find it hard to keep a conversation or mess around with her (like pushing,poking,etc.) And i like bit my lip out of nervousness really hard and now i have a cut


Any pointers of how for me to act my normal self around her. I guess she kinda rejected me b/c i was quiet but that doesnt hurt me, b/c that is not the real me...


By the way i kinda splitted all this up to make it easier on the eyes.

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At least 10 hours on the phone...ok lol....i really hate talking on the phone its kinda a burden to me.


Its like this- if i talked to someone about a low grade on a paper i think that they dont care. I really dont care either, i cant see how they would. If i talked about a girl tripping, falling on snow bank, i would pretty much feel like a complete dork. Cuz i know if someone told me about someone doing that i wouldnt think it was funny. i dont know if any of this makes me quiet towards her.


BUT, theres other guys that act totally lame to her. Im talkin about lame jokes and everything hah, she just kinda says shutup and they are like friends. I cant really do that, i would feel too stupid and nervous.


Im thinking about having 1 or 2 beers before seeing her next week, then i could maybe break the ice. I CANT STAND THE THOUGHT OF ME WALKING TOWARDS THE CAR AND SHES IN IT AND SHES GONNA SAY LIKE "ARE YOU GONNA TALK TODAY" OR SOMETHING.

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