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Do men prefer blondes?

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i go with A. eyes as my first choice, And then D. body size, i look for petite women, ones that have a slim profile, although some men prefer larger more "husky" women.


But definitely the Eyes are a Big one, if she has Green or Blue eyes i would find her more attractive, if i think about it all the girls i have dated have had either green or blue eyes, interesting how i just thought about that.


Now to Height, Well that i think is more a quality Women look for, I myself am 6'5, And alot of the women i have dated haven been around 5'5-5'7.


Moving onto hair...well i like a women with long, or not to short hair. has to be either blonde, brownish blonde, strawberry blonde, But highlights really catch my eye, generally if it's Blonde hightlights with a semi-dark natural brown, Or vise-versa..really thow personality is most important, And as far as flawless complexion goes..Well whom is to say they are flawless? no one....

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A: Not that important to me.


B: Color not Important, Length I prefer long.


C: I prefer Petit women. 5'2" - 5'6" ( I am 6' 2" BTW)


D: Thin, Slim to Average. i am very attracted to a fit body.


E: Not so important, nobody is perfect, and beauty is temporary and only

skin deep. so anything from Avg to knock out is ok. in my experience

very attractive women lack in personality because they have never

needed to work on having one because their looks is what they depend



F: (Personality) Open minded, down to earth, knows what she wants, no

games. Sexy, passionate, and great sense of humor, romantic. Kind.


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I suppose I would have to say that body size is a pretty high answer for me is body size. But I find that answer a bit misleading because I feel shape is a more important factor there. I mean as in a I can like a girl who is bigger than another but one has a bad shape, make sense? I personally feel a girl can be too thin for sure.


An I don't have a hair issue but I am definitely not as attracted to black hair too often. Height on the otherhand is an issue with me as I am a taller than average guy (6'5") and I like a tall girl just for the sake of it being easier in certain situations, if you follow me.


But the reality is that a girl I can get a long with well is more important than anything at all as far as a relationship goes. Looks only get you so far so your personality is way more important. Seriously.

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For me, it's a package deal. I couldn't take any one of those things and apply it as a stand alone rating. Personality, body type, hair, eyes all have to fit together.


The bad news is, I haven't answered the question.


The good news is, it means most women cna actually do something to change there overall attractiveness, either subtly or drastically.

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A. eyes - doesnt really matter, i like dark brown and blue the most tho

B. hair color and length - dark hair, nice and shiny, blonde is ok too

C.Height - im about 5' 11" so it be nice if she was like 5' 9". dont like it if they're too small

D. body size - normal, not fat and not skinny

E. Flawless complexion - nothing like flawless

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First off, physical attraction is always the first thing that happens. I like thin girls that have more of the athletic type body. I don't really care about the hair, I prefer dirty blonde brown, but hey my GF has a deep red hair, so that does not bother me. However I cant stand light red heads (nobody get mad, thats just my own opinion) In fact I really don't know what color her eyes are, they are not important. Flawless body, HAH who has one of those. Anyway, it really all depends on the guy, like they have always said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So even if some guy didn't think my GF was good looking, who cares, she my GF not his. Height is not really a big factor, seeing how I am going to be taller than them all of the time (I have not found any 6' 5" girls) So height, no big deal. Hair length, shoulder length usually looks good. Those are just my opinions.

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A. eyes- eyes do it for me, i dont even care if they are contacts, if they are pretty, youre in

B. hair- color doesnt matter, but personally, i like short, shoulder-length hair

C. height- a little shorter than me (or my height)

D. body size- normal (face matters more to me)

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