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cant even make a topic for this!!

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im so pissed off!!!!!! the only girl i liked....the girl i made all my post about , she liked me but we werent going out.this slut made out with another guy...after everything i did for her...she only likes me as a "FRIEND" wtf!!!!! i liked her so much....is there ANYTHING , ANYBODY can tell me ?

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lilman is right forget that girl. I had a situation just like that. I told her how I felt. All that she told me is that she wanted to be my friend and only my friend. I also like that girl a whole bunch but it turns out that she did not fell the same way. So in your spot I would wait a bit see what happens or just forget about her. Your third choice is to do what lilman said find a girl that like you as more then a friend. Hope I helped.

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as much as it will hurt u, i really think u need to back off and try ur hardest to et her go, there is somebody out there for u, we have all loved and lost but its better to have loved and lost than to have never of loved at all.

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