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Question about Divorce:


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I was just wondering a simple Short Question regarding Divorce from a Women standpoint.


Ok i have this Friend And i learned that She is going threw a Divorce, She DOES NOT know that i know this, She hasn't told me yet, But to the question.


She Keeps saying to people that She does not have a Boyfriend, But She does, Although it doesn't have the title of B/F-G/F..what does that mean? How can 2 people date, be intimate and act like B/F-G/F But she says they are Not, Does that have anything to do with her Divorce, any sort of LAW while going thru a Divorce. Or is it just the fact it wouldn't look good in Divorce Court.



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Well, it depends.

In most places that have no fault divorce, the fact that one partner has a new boyfriend makes virtually no difference to the court. They don't care - its "no fault". Yes there are some laws making adultery illegal, but they are rarely ever enforced.


Now if there are children involved, thats a different story. A family court would be VERY interested if there is another relationship. If the relationship is healthy and neither person has any problems with the law, social services, etc then it won't matter. But if the new person is a poor influence on the children, it definitely would have an effect on custody.

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