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More questions needed to be answered...(More Venting)...

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If you find out that the girl you like and currently dating, (and who likes you back, you think) is dating someone else other than you. Would you still continue to see her inspite of her seeing someone else?


If you're a girl, which would you prefer going out with the person who likes the same music, (background of)degree that you 2 are pursuing? or someone who has divorced parents (and your parents are divorced as well



If you're a girl, you see the person you like almost 40 hrs a week, and this person would still want to talk to you through the phone. Do you think that's too much for a person to still call you?


If you ask the girl's opinion on what she wants to do on a date (for your birthday), she replies, "Let's talk about it later, it's your birthday, it's about you." What do you think it means?

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