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I need advice on whether this girl lies me or not

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so here's the "scoop." this girl i know is so perfect to me. i asked her to homecoming this year and she accepted...WOOHOO yall got nothin on me. but what happens is she talks to everyone like she talks to me. everyone tries to flirt with her including me. i dont talk to her 24/7 cuz i know how annoying that gets but i do talk to her. some of my friends that talk to her a lot have told me that she likes me, but wouldnt date me...at least not yet. tonight is homecoming for me by the way. im crazy about this girl and dunno if she feels the same way about me. im in 10th grade and she is in 9th grade. if u have any tips on what to do in this situation or any input on whether u THINK she likes me or not please feel free to share. also though, sometimes i dont talk to her cuz i get intimidated by the many people around her. someone help me re-locate my balls when i get around her becuz they run from me a lot. she is the ONLY girl that i get scared and nervouse around. most girls are crazy about me but im crazy about this 1. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!



I need to hear the positive and the negative so i can figure out what i need to do and if i am doing anything wrong.

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I know exactly how you feel. I'm a tenth grader and the girl i like is a 9th grader. I also asked her to homecoming and she said yes. I also found out that she liked me. I am also extremely nervous around her. One thing that you have to do is talk to her a lot. Don't be nervous around her. I'm telling you this because i was nervous around the freshman that i liked and i think that she stopped liking me just because i was nervous around her. Remember DONT BE NERVOUS. Dont make the same mistake as i did.


PS. Read my forum that is titled "Why doesn't she talk to me anymore"

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WHOA! this is the EXACT same thing i was going thru...for real

im a 10th grader...she's a 9th grader and everything


well anyway, she has to be interested in you, (she said yes to going to homecoming with you)


and as far as he liking you...she just needs to know you a litle better, thats all

you couldnt have known her TOO long...unless you went to the same middle school (you're in 10 grade...she's in 9th)

and not only that, you gotta know her better...after homecoming (not TOO soon) ask her if she'd hang out with you or something like that


i was in the same situation and i wasnt EVER scared around my GIRL (she's my girl now)

and i played my cards right and everything worked out perfect

lol, enough about me right? anywayz just be cool, dont act desperate...do things to make her forget about all the other guys you know?

call her, be a friend to her ( talking to her about w/e)

definitely call her...girls love to talk on the phone, and just talk to her

she'll eventually like you more than likely.


good luck

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ok so now homecoming is over. i danced with her like 6 times (2 fast dances 4 slow dances). and everytime i called her (and still call her) she always has some "reason" on why she has to leave. i dunno if she really has to leave or not but i hope she really has to. but when i talk to her on the phone i can make her laugh easily. when i talk to her in person, she barely does laugh. i dunno why but thats the way it is. her best friend though was grinding all over me at homecoming. she is also very hot. her friend laughs when i talk to her, talks to me all the time (and i talk to her), i know her friend likes me (and i kinna like her too). now i dont wanna sound like a jerk but i dont think i have much of a chance with the way things are going with alex so im thinkin bout askin her friend out. i like her friend a lot but i am more "in love" with alex. tell me what i could do to get alex to like me or somethin before i go ahead and make up my mind on whether to pursue something that is hard to get or go for the other girl that i also like. thank you for earlier responses

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