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OK I need honest answers from girls concerning attraction


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I'm looking for physicak features only; I'm not looking for personality answers. With that said what is the feature facewise on a guy do you like, eyes, mouth, ect.


Also what would you describe would be too muscular or not enough muscle like body wise. Cause I heard yall like muscles but not too many.

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I know this is not gonna be much help but it depends on the girl. I for example dont care if he has muscles or not. The one thing that attracts me is height. Weird I know, but when I see a tall guy I always pay attention. Every guy I`ve dated was over 6foot something. Usually they were quite lanky which was fine by me. The guy I`m with now, on the other hand, is tall surprise surprise and not lanky, but muscly and I`m not complaining. Specific features dont really matter is the whole image that a guy projects, u know all the features combined, that matter. U start noticing the little features once you get closer to them. If I have to choose some features it would have to be hands, smile and hair in that order, oh and of course height! By the way I`m really petite!

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Hands, composure, attitude really, cause none of the guys who have sparked my interest have had much in common physically except a really strong click personality wise, has to have a strong personality and be individual, and able to give the impression of not being a pushover!


Good hygiene and grooming are a must, though that doesn't mean dressing classy, jeans and tshirt are fine, just obviously cares about general cleanliness and such, teeth, breath, hair gotta be clean!


Muscles - eh, don't like the bulky overmuscled type, just as long as he cares about his appearance but isn't obssessed with it is cool.

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well like rasinbow has suggested...it depends on the girl. In general though, when it comes to muscles and body build..well your right in saying that many girls myself included dont like the overly bulky. "Toned" is the way to go, so that your muscles are not protruding when your not flexing. Just shapely and with curves that are not "too" defined is often what girls would go for...


As for the face well again it depends..but usually having nice eyes can be really attractive and eye-catching..but if the guy has other feautures which stand out more (great lips or a nice smile for example) then your attention will probably be drawn to that feature.


I know your not after the personality tips, but amany people do underestimate its significance. I say this because i have associated with guys who i once believed to be really attractive...after i discovered their true self the attraction faded and i no longer viewed them as being good looking (it was as though i wasnt speaking to the same person anymore) and as cliche as it may sound "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and such a concept is really important and shouldnt be ignored!


hope this helps

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Yeah beauty is in the eye of the beholder is very cliche because we all know that being not a persons type and just being plain old ugly are two diffrent things. That's why I didn't ask for personality becuase women can't see your personality on the outside; especially in one day. So all we have to go on is looks in this society.

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I pretty much agree with the other posters.I like eyes-if a man has eyes that stand out thats a great feature..especially deep brown eyes..im not too bothered by height,coz 99% of the men i meet are taller than me(im only 4.11,nearly 5 foot though!) and nice feet..that might sound weird but theres nothing worse than a man who has horrible stinky ugly feet.

i like nice belly too..toned.


But i think personal hygiene is definitely a must!!


hope i helped

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