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I'm desperate and beg for advice

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Please help.

We've been dating for only 2 months and he's swept me off my feet.

He has so many wonderful qualities and I'm falling in love with him

Last night he said it bothers him that I smoke and wants me quit for myself and not him.

He also wants to share his passion for running/jogging with me.

Something we can enjoy together.

Is this wrong of him to want so bad that we will break up with me?

I'm willing to tell I'll submitt to those requests because they are not worth holding onto if it means losing him.






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Well, a lot depends on how strongly you feel, and his reasoning. If he's had any experience with cancer in either family or friends, smoking could honestly scare him for both you and him, and it's certainly something that's beneficial for you to give up. Does it relate to his passion for running as well? And is this something you're interested in trying, not just for him, but for yourself? If it's something you'd like to try anyway, you lose nothing, but if sharing his passion is something he requires, that could be something to look out for, you don't want him to dictate your interests for you. If he's perfectly open to you having separate as well as mutual interests, it's definitely worth a shot, but gently remind him he shouldn't expect you to be able to keep pace with him to start, and quitting smoking is NOT easy, his encouragement would be a big plus.

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interesting dilema your in mine's just about the same with a girl a like though I haven't gotten to date her she smokes and once mentoned something about running/jogging with me when some people I work with were trying to get me to start

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