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what does he want??

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I've been seeing this guy for a couple of weeks, when my mates started asking so are u going out, are u his gf, are you allowed to get off etc with other people? Well I decided to ask him what exactly was going on, u know what kind of relationship we had. The conversation was terrible! I just felt like running! He sort of withdrew, occupying himself with something else and what he said didn't make sense, well it made sense but he never really answered my question. He said he didn't want a serious relationship since his gf of over a year broke his heart (that was about 7 months ago). He said he didn't want any hassle. Well to be honest I don't want a serious relationship or hassle, what I wanted to know was if it was gonna be an open or exclusive relationship. He never answered!!! He only said that he hadn't been with anyone since me. It's just that I don't want an open relationship. I doesn't appeal having the guy I'm seeing kissing, sleeping with whatever with other people. I told him this, but he didn't answer. Why didn't he just say what he wanted? We would of either agreed and carried on as we were or disagreed and gone our separate ways? I have a funny feeling I scared him and he's gonna run. I just need other people's opinion on this cos I'm lost!

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you did the right thing, now you have to decide if you can deal with his answer/non-answer. your alternative would have been to say nothing as i did many years ago and then you'd have some crap to deal with like i do and you wouldnt want that. your deal is better than mine. stay or walk but dont do nothing. good job.

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Well...if I was you in this situation, if he called me or I talked to him, I would turn the tables on him and just adopt a stony, non-feeling look. But that might not be the best decision. What might be an idea is to talk to him about it, ask him why he behaved as he did, and tell him how it made you feel when he did that. Also, you might try getting him to talk about his ex so he can let those feelings out and have someone else help him.

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