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question on post relationship friendship

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I really appreciate your post. Seeing you have been in a similar situation i would like to ask you a question. Maybe you can help. When i last talked to my girlfriend (ex), we expressed that we had really strong feelings for each other still but the timing wasn't good right in her mind. She wants to travel, figure out where she going in life, etc. She said she missed me and wanted to see me but because of the situation, etc. Anyways, we kind of left the call on a really positive note. We said that we weren't going to play games and we'll call each other when we want to. Her mom is coming to drop the stuff i asked for off and apperantly has a gift for me from my ex. I told her i'd call her to thank her but i don't know if i should. Maybe just an email? I feel as though i maybe said to much in our last convo. I told her this isn't the situation i wanted and it really sucks but i'll have to deal with it. I also told her i wish she hated me cause it would make me feel a lot better than breaking up when both parties still care a lot about the other person. I told her when i see her i'll want to kiss her and i don't know if i could be just a friend. I really feel uneasy about what i said. I don't want to seem needy. I hope i didn't make myself sound weak. Maybe it was out of the moment i don't know. After all that though we were very positive to each other and it sounded like we could be friends. I know i should give her space but i don't want to play the games. I still think about her, but i'm also getting on with my life and thinking about other girls too. What do you think?

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How long have you been "exes" for? It is common for feelings to still be there especially if the breakup was amicable and if it was recent.


I've never really stayed in touch with any of my ex's due to various reasons. Some you don't want to, some you wish were dead and others you just lose touch with. Although I did run into someone the other day who I went out with briefly and it was nice to chat to him.


The last breakup I had was quite nasty and ended by the other person. OF course I still had feelings for him, I was still in love with him when it happened. At first you think you can't be just friends with them. It will probably take a little while for you to work out if you want to still stay in touch with her.

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