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It has been a while since I posted about the break up between me and my ex. Its been 2 and a half months since the break up. Well I havent contacted her in over a month. I ran into her once but that was just a coincidence. We talked for about 2 minutes before I said I got to go.


So, last weekend I was cleaning the appartment and found some stuff she left at my place. Stuff she would probably like back, like bike tools and clothes and spare rims and stuff like that. (were mountain bike racers). I decided that I would drop this stuff off at her place. I believe that I was strong and have healed enough to be able to see her and not get all emotional. She was shocked to see me, but happy to get her stuff back. We talked for awhile. She asked me if I would like to be friends with her. I agreed and said that I would like that. The reason why I agreed to be friends with her was that I think that I have accepted the breakup and am happy with my new life. I have found some new friends, I am working out everyday (instead of 3 times a week), and I went on a couple dates. I think I would be able to handle us being friends and talking once and while. Then out of nowhere she hugged me. She said she needed a hug. That was nice. Then she kissed me. That was nice too. Then one thing led to another and we slept together. That was nice but kinda weird. We talked some more after that and she said that she likes her life now, without me but would just like to be friends. But also said that she misses me. The main reason why we broke up was because she needed space and there was too much going on in her life.


She said she is really busy and probably wont call me but she will answer the phone if I call. I dont get any of this. I have never called her since we broke up. She called me a few times. I just dont know what she wants. Does she just wanna be friends or does she want more? There were alot of mixed signals the other night and I just dont get it. I dont really know what I want either. But I'm sure that if she wanted to give our relationship a second chance I would probably go for it. To me it seems like she wants to be friends and talk and have sex, but just not have the relationship part of it. I dont know what to do or believe.


Does anyone have any insight into my confusion.

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you are one lucky dude. enjoy the "no-strings attached" free sex. in the past, you actually had to pay for it with "love". just be safe and use a condom. you never know who she's been out with.


hahaha. just joking. seriously now, i think she found the earlier relationship lost the sparkle of the friendship you once had. when you were friends, you were more considerate, more caring, more supportive. when you "got" her, you stopped doing some things for her. i think if you talk to her about getting back together, and talking about where you went off target (cos you always love her so it's not like you deliberately withheld love from her, you just didn't know you were doing that by not doing some things that she continued to need while in a relationship), you might have a good chance of repairing the damage and even improve on it.

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I wonder what do you want? Do you want to get back with her or not? If you do take the chance...anyone that says lets be friends and if you call I will pick up but I wont call you...either means


1. I need to feel that you want to be my friend and are willing to make the effort and work on the relationship




2. I am being nice and dont want to hurt your feelings...


so my advice is call her work on being her friend for a few months then have "the talk"

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