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Just curious about this situation..

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What's up, guys? There's this girl in my class twice a week. Not the one I've been posting about b4. This is a different girl. I've known her since last semester after workin with her in a group with 2 other people in a class back then. We're not like friends or anything, but we're cool with each other. We talk here and there in school and sometimes, walk out of class 2gether to our cars. Everyone changes seats each class, so sometimes she'll sit next to me since we don't know anyone else in class. I had a feelin she had a boyfriend already, but since I wasn't sure, I said what the hell.. so I asked her out after class a few weeks ago. Sure enough, she told me she did, so I was like, my bad. She said that's ok, then we said bye b4 goin home. It was a little awkward and part of me wishes I hadn't asked her out b/c I don't want her to feel weird being around me and not wanna talk to me anymore. But I can't live life with regrets, so I told myself, I'll just have to deal with it. It was worth a try I guess. The next class we had, she was sittin in the row in front of me. When class ended, I was still packin up and as she walked by after finishing talkin to someone, she said hey, what's up. I was caught off-guard, but then I said what's up back to her. Then she walked out. Then I said to myself, that's cool that she doesn't feel uncomfortable around me like I thought she would. Then, the next class, I'm sittin all the way in the back where I never sat b4 in this class and she sits next to me. I was like, whoa. Since then, every class we're in 2gether, she always sits next to me no matter where I'm sitting and times when I think she left already after class ends, she's waitin for me to finish packin up my books so we can walk out 2gether. She never did that b4. I thought she'd wanna have nothin to do with me after askin her out. I guess I was wrong. Do you think that she feels flattered that I asked her out and looks at me differently now that she knows I like her or am I gettin ahead of myself and she's just being friendly like she usually is? Cause I would think most girls would want to keep at a distance after that. I'm just curious about what ya'll think...

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Yeah, she probably does feel a little flattered that you asked her out and you're in a good position because she's trying to show you she's cool with it. Keep that courage up and continue to ask girls out. That's something I had a hard time with in school and I'm REALLY paying for it now. Bottom line, you've got a friend. Don't try to avoid her 'cause you feel embarrased. Keep her as a friend and keep looking for someone. You never know what may happen further down the road.

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