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What should I do?

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Saturday is our one year anniversary and I secretly bought my husband a ring that he is totally in love with, and I plan to surprise him with it. He will be stunned!

My problem is, I want to ask your opinions, a lot of you have told me to leave him..... I don't want to make another mistake! Should I not be doing this?


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Hey Princess!!


I was in a similar situation a while back so i know what you mean!!


Im gonna be completely lovey dovey and say yes...i would definitely give it to him,my only advice would be to wait a tiny bit longer..i know it will be hard coz if your anything like me,i would be absolutely DYING to give it to him just to see the look on his face!! That would be pleasure enough for me!! And im sure you agree that for that priceless look on the man you loves face..its well worth the money!!


I think its great that you have bought this ring now,when you and your husband are hitting a good patch,coz alot of women buy their men things in the midst of an argument in the attempt to make things better..not a good idea.


But you have every reason to give the ring to your man,you are celebrating your anniversary,he has lost not just any old ring,but his WEDDING ring and you love him!! So why not? You sound very happy so i would go for it...yeh it was expensive,but if god forbid anything did go wrong and you felt bad for spending all that money,you can look back and think 'well it felt right at the time and it was a time when me and my husband were really happy with each other'.


Go for it gal.

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