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please...please help me! Any advice would help!!!!!

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alright, I posted this awhile ago and I still havent made a move..Im going to re-post my old post and say whats happened since and I really appreciate any advice...


Alright, there is this girl who started talking to me about 3 months ago at work. About a couple of weeks later, I asked if she wanted to hang out and she agreed. We were out from 6-11 at night. She seemed like she had fun..that night, we were in my car while it was parked and we were there just talking for about 45 min. Thats it, we were just talking, nothing more. I didnt make a move and she didnt either. I drive her to school everyday now and she said we should exchange numbers in case one us is sick. About 2 weeks after we last hung out she asked if I wanted to hang out. Of course I agreed. We went out to eat and I paid for her and we went to see a movie afterwards, but we paid separately. We then sat in my car again while it was parked and talked for about an hour. Again, that is all we did. Neither of us made a move. I havent hung out with her since, but I still drive her everyday to school. A week ago she called me just to talk and we were on the phone for an hour. Then 3 days ago, I called her and we were on the phone for about 2 hours. She mentions to me on occasion about how people think we're going out and laughs. She talks to me about how this other guy likes her, but doesnt feel the same way about him. I've looked on the web and saw signs that she likes you and I notice that she does touch her lips around me, asks to take sips of my drink, nudges me on the arm, and calls me out of nowhere. I need to know if you guys think shes really interested in me or just sees me as a friend. If you do think she is interested in me, how can I make a subtle move on her to heighten our friendship? Please, please respond. I feel so lost and confused. I really really like her, but I dont know if she just sees me as only a friend.


She has called me since then and I've called her and the conversations have been for a long time. But she usually talks on the phone with her friends that are girls for a long time also. She also told me a huge secret she's had for awhile and she only told her best friend the secret. She kept saying, I cant believe I told you. She says how I can sometimes say the dumbest things and she jokes around saying we should just end our friendship. She says that constantly, but she still does all the things I've mentioned above. What could that mean?? I really dont wanna blow it with her. Do you think she is interested in me? If so or if not, please tell me why you believe that? She's always on my mind, but I need to hear the truth. I drive her to school everyday and I think if she says no, then it'll be so incredibly awkward. How can I show her I like her also by not directly saying it? Im sorry about this long post, but please help me out. I'd appreciate it!

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you go man she likes you i can tell by how you describe your activity's. do my a favor. when she looks at you next time you are talking tell me if her pupils are dialated. i noticed that when my g/f is around me her pupils get bigs as hell even when light is shining in them.

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I think that she is into you for sure. That is a lot of time to want to spend around a "friend" of the oposite sex without wanting anything. I think her jokingly telling you that she wants to end your friendship means that she wants something else. Just my thoughts. And she's going to talk a long time with her girlfriends anyhow.

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