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A very complicated situation involving asking a girl out.

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Well, I came here hoping to get some advice, so here goes.


I'm 16 years old, a junior in high school. There's this girl I've known for 2 years now, and I was good friends with her all of my sophomore year. She's cute, and she definitely does not have her head in the clouds. We share similar interests, too. She's one of the only girls I could talk to last year; most of them just talked about clothes, or how much they hated some other girls (a lot of the girls at my school fight constantly over incredibly stupid things). About a fourth into the year, I realized I liked this girl. I spent a lot of time trying to get up the courage to ask her out, but I never could.


And then, of course, I had some bad luck. My friend told me she was switching schools. I couldn't believe it. Yet again, however, I could not get up the courage to ask her out.


Anyway, here's my dilemma. Everyone suddenly knows I like her at school, you know how things spread. They kept telling me to call her and ask her out, but I think it would be very awkward to look up her number in the phone book and just call one day.


And the situation grows more deep. I've heard rumors that she's changed. Not in a bad way, but I've heard that she's suddenly become religious fanatic of sorts. Someone told me she only listens to gospel music now. I myself am a Christian, so if she chose to live that way, it wouldn't bother me, but if she's changed her outlook on life like I've been told, she might have made a commitment not to date or something.


However, there was some good news, she is returning to my school next year. Should I wait a whole year for her to come back, or should I ask her out? If so, how?


It's starting to tear me apart, and this place seems like the only place I can turn to for help. Thanks in advance.

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