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well, what i'm talking about is something my ex said.


right now me and her are like brother and sister, and do love each other, just not in the bf/gf way... we're really close.


so this is what she said, a girl friend of mine was doing a project for school on 'ex-bf-gf relationships' and she took a survey, and one of the questions was ''would you consider going back out with your ex?'' and my ex got asked too, and she answered:


[say my name is Tom]


this what she said:


''Yes - not Tom''


so i was thinking, why did she say that, did i suck that bad when we were going out or what, i mean, she did say that i was one of the best kissers out of all of her bf (not to me, but to a friend) but meh... that doesn't say anything.... is it maybe because i am her most recent ex, or what? or is it just that there is no more chance of me and her as bf and gf?

our break-up was very peaceful... so i dunno.


anyway, thanks for replying/reading.



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Sounds to me like she said it because she knew that your friend would tell you how she answered it, and she didn't want you to think that she would reconsider you (whether she actually would or not was most likely not what she was thinking about at the time she answered it, it was probably answered in the way that she wanted you to be notified)... you're right, you're so young... nobody knows what they really want until they've been around the block a few times... it's only natural to be confused and unknowing right now, for both of you.

Hope this helps some.... I wouldn't worry about it.... when I was in school everybody was more concerned with what other kids thought than what they actually wanted in their life. Only life experiences later on change a person and show us what is important.

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