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I don't exactly how to go about snagging this girl. I met her online a few months ago and we met about a week afterwards. The date went pretty good but not spectacular by any means. After that we still spoke to each other online. After about a month or so she asked me if I would like to see her skate at her first show (she's a figure skater) and I said Yes. So I went and saw her this past Friday. This time we really hit it off. We've hit it off before on the internet but this was different... I suppose because it was in person. She made it seem like she was interested in me several times throughout the night through some of her actions (such as touching my arm, locking eyes with me as we spoke, and pretty much just acting like she felt really comfortable around me). We skated together after the show but a majority of the time we just sat and talked about everything. As I drove her home we talked about relationships even further and it seems we're both looking for the same thing. She's the type of chick I need and it appears as though I'm the type of guy she's looking for. We have so much in common it's unreal. Not only does she dig old cars (much like I do), she likes a LOT of older music and knows how to swing dance. A very classy gal I must say.


I guess what I'm getting at is... at times when we chat online she doesn't seem very active in the conversation. It's not as though she's doing something else, just more along the lines of keeping her answers limited to Yes and No. She doesn't exactly go out of her way to give messages explaining whatever we're talking about. It kind of makes me wonder if she's truly interested in talking to me. She isn't always like this though, just quite a bit of the time. Should I bring this up to her? Would she find it insulting for me to bring something such as this up... or would she possibly find it a bit "clingy"? She called me the Sunday before the Friday we went out and the conversation was a bit dead at times. Perhaps she's more active and talkative in person. I know I prefer to see the person in person when we speak but I still try to make the best out of our online conversations.

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I think she is feeling that the online stuff is substituting for the real thing, to her, the internet is a tool for communication, she used it to get to know you, she did, she used it to set up dates, but for an actual relationship she prefers you in person, she wants to move beyond the net now,


A few months back I replied to someone with this same exact problem. and many others responded, that they use the net to "find" someone, or to learn about them, but once they like the person they want it to move beyond the virtual and into the real.


Once you understand this, youll understand her, the chat thing doesnt do it for her, since it doesnt seem to be a really long distance thing, do more stuff together, take her to a car show, or do some swing dancing hehe.


Not all people are the same, some have no problem with net/phone chat, others use it for a short period then move on, she is this type. thats ok, its just who she is.


So from now on, use the phone more (little more personal) and use the net more for setting up dates.

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Gilgamesh, thanks for the reply. It certainly makes sense, even more so after I think about our conversation's the two times we met.


She lives about 40 minutes away from me. That's not that bad but her car is out of service for the time being so it makes it kind of hard for us to go out and do things. Once she gets another car it will be a lot easier so we can at least meet halfway on certain occasions. I wasn't very good at the ice skating thing so I suggested we try something I know (cars) and go to the drag races one night. She's never been so I have to take her to one. The big problem with that is, the closest drag strip is about an hour away in the other direction from where she lives. Of course we always could go swing dancing like you said. I don't know how but she said she'd teach me.

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