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Are we seeing each other to much?


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I have been dating a girl for about 6 weeks. We started off slow, maybe 2-3 dates a week, but then about 3 weeks ago we just sort of clicked and have spent almost every night together sense then. We both enjoy the time we spend together more then anything, and I miss her if we don't see each other for a day. I know that we havn't been dating that long do you think this in unhealthy? Have you had any relationships like this where both of you couldn't get enought of each other? I know with my past relationships I have wanted space... but it seems different with this girl becuase its like I still do the things I enjoy in my life but just with her. We go to the gym, watch TV movies, go out drinking sometimes. Its like she and I have the same intrests that we can do them together. In past relationships if I wanted to go to the gym or out drinking and my ex wasn't into that then we just wouldn't hang out that night. In the past its always been like I needed space to do my own thing but it doesn't seem that way now. Any advice?

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It seems to me you guys are just happy but spending to much time

together can take it's toll, first you should just talk with her about it let her know you like spending all this time with her but your afraid sooner

or later the feeling of always wanting to be together will dwindle and

you'll be stuck with no time to yourself if that's what you actually want.

But just let her know that if you wanted to go out with your friends and

do things without her or if she wanted to do the same that everything

would be ok with you. When you get into a relationship where all your

doing is spending time together after awhile it seems that's all your doing

and sooner or later your going to want some amount of space just let

her know that Im sure she will be understanding in the future if you talk to her about it now. You may not feel like needing space now but it's good to talk about it before it becomes an issue for either of you. And as far as missing her you have to see it as conditioning yourself to her not being around you all the time. Well I hope this helps you and good luck

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Your relationship is in the "honeymoon" stage but you will eventually outgrow it. A year or two from now, do you think you two will be able to spend every moment together? We all know brand new relationships are great and as time goes by this will change. You'll eventually want to be with your friends and do other things without your girl around and ask for some space.

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I know exactly what you're worried about. in my last serious realationship I spent almost everyday of 3 years with my now ex-girlfriend. Seeing each other makes both of you happy right? So keep doing it but be aware that you might lose friends if you're always with her and you will eventually get tired of seeing each other everyday. You might even get too dependant on each other. I know you think it might not happen but it will. Sometimes we just need to be alone for ourselves to grow as an individual or find out who you are, not find out who you are with her. By all means stay with her and enjoy every minute of it but do things with your friends and do things by yourself. Everyday becomes routine.

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