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he's gonna break my heart is`nt he?


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I've been dating this guy for a few weeks. I met him one night through mutual friends (I'd met him few times when I was younger, I'd known of him), he told me I was pretty and asked me out. I said yes because I'd thought he was good looking for years. Look wise I fancy him, which makes a change because I usually go out with guys 4 their personality and not because I think their drop dead gorgeous. He's also a nice guy: funny, easy to talk to and not pushy when it comes to me not wanting to do something he does. There's one problem though I don't think he likes me. I mean he likes the way I look. He's always telling me I'm gorgeous, got a nice body…. What I mean is that he doesn't like me the person. He never wants to know anything about me or what's going on with my life. I`m always asking him about his work, friends bla bla, he just never asks me anything. Also when I tell him stuff I get the impression he's not listening and not interested. We talk but only about stuff were doing, like the film were watching or friends were meeting. I want my boyfriend to be above all my friend some1 I can talk to, u know tell about my day, my friends, worries and so on. I want him to do the same. Am I asking too much? Okay so our lives are totally different I`m still at school and he's working. I'm just getting the feeling I'm just a piece of ass. All we do is make out and stuff, which is great but not everything. Also he's had loads of gf in the past, they always come up in conversation. Sometimes I feel like a detraction, girl number 20 or whatever, who when he gets bored of he's gonna drop. I don't know if I've explained myself. What I want to know is should I give it more time or just break it off? Heeeeeeeelp!

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Hi nat000,


When you are in a relationship, you should always be happy. Are you happy?


You have the right to be happy in this relationship, and if communication is poor and you are feeling that you are simply being used, then you really do have to consider your position here.


You could bring this up with him, but from what you have said in your post, it's quite possible that you could be wasting your breath on him with that conversation. You need to decide that yourself.


Eitherway, you need to act. Don't waste your time in a relationship that you are not happy in. You deserve better than that, and shouldn't undervalye yourself no matter how insignificent he might make you feel at times.


So decide what you want here - and then act asap !!


Hope this helps you some,

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how many girls would kill for your looks, but to end up stuck with a bimbo like him??? much better that some one likes you for your personality.


lots of handsome men find it natural to make as many conquests as they can. after all, it's their god-given advantage. they can't help if if women flock to them, throw themselves at them. eventually, they may settle down, but are you the one?


i think not. so enjoy the fun, don't take it so seriously, cos he sure isn't.

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