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A trust question!

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hi guys i have a question.


If your in a relationship, and you so love your gf/bf, but there are some times you dont know what they are up to, or the other way around. and if you had the chance (truth pls) would you cheat on them, knowing they will never find out. for example in a club a gal/guy hits on you will you respond, even knowing you have a gf/bf and that one day you wanna spend the rest of your life with???

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Nope - and I've had the motive and opportunity, having been cheated on. It's just one of those things I feel strongly about, that trust and honestly are vital to a strong relationship, and even if he never found out, I'd have a hard time living with the guilt of knowing I'd betrayed his trust. The momentary excitement of the forbidden wouldn't be worth it in the long run. I can't accept it being done to me, and don't expect someone else to accept me doing it, or to accept myself doing it - it would make me really question my committment to my relationship.

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Cheating is sometimes bad, sometimes good. It can make you realize what you have, or what your missing Like my papa use to say, "Variety is the spice of life".

But if you really love someone you will know your heart will be in it. You would never think of cheating on the man that has your heart. I think if cheating is on your mind than it has already been done.

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I agree with Gilgamesh.


Call me weird but i just cant see the logic in deliberately hurting myself and possibly the person i am in a relationship with for the sake of somebody that probably only wants to get in your underwear anyway.


The reason that i wouldnt cheat is because i have MORALS that i live by,and it wouldnt be coz i was worried whether i would get caught or not,it would be because i can control myself and because cheating on my bf simply wouldnt interest me.Its the Principle.


And if someone hit on me,the answer is simple.DECLINE.Im not sure of the reasons why you posted this scenario,maybe you are in this situation or are worried that your bf is,or maybe you were just interested to know.


At the end of the day i believe that if you are in a relationship with someone,to cheat on them is contradictory of the term 'RELATIONSHIP'.if your that bored,get out and play but dont hurt someone else in the process.

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Thank you all for your replys.


The reason i asked was due to like some of you already know me and my guy live far from each other, and he loves me sooooooooo much.


he goes out alot and thats fine i no problem in that i like him enjoying him self but, not other ways, i guess im just thinking even thought ppl say and do really trully love one another, is it possable to cheat on them.

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Hi All !


Nice question

I've been in the situation before, and I would not take the oppertunity. If it was a loving relationship, a cheating event would change me in that relationship. I would know it happened, and I would imagine it would cause all sorts of problems in the relationship regarding my trust for the girl after that point.


Cheating is wrong, and strikes at the heart of a relationship. Even if the other partner never found out, at least one person in the relationship would know about it - what is that relationship based on then? Trust? I think not !!



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