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I'll try my best at this,.....


If your 18 you should not have a problem getting pills, especially if you make an appointment with a doctor, on the "down Low" just keep in mind that the pill requires a certain pattern, and cycle of how to take them, I'm not to sure how it all works but i hear it pretty easy to take a pill once a day, Some girl friends of mine were telling me about " Ortho Tri-Cyclen" is a good brand, plus it keeps acne away...god why do i know so much about this, and I'm a guy...ok that seems scary.



go here babe, if you want to keep it really discrete, you can buy it online and have it shipped to your house. -=So Slick=-


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If you are 18 you can make a doctor's appointment and get the birth control pills and they cannot tell your parents. Your privacy is guaranteed since you are an adult now.


HOWEVER, if you are using your parents insurance they will get a report from the insurance company for all doctors visits. And it may detail the services provided (they usually do a pregnancy test before they give you birth control pills). You could cover the story saying you needed a gyno visit due to a problem (yeast infection works great) and they wanted to rule out a pregnancy even though you told them it was impossible. Just be aware they might be alerted that you saw a doctor even though the doctor wasn't the one that told them.

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