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try that link for starters, it guides you threw how to find certain areas that generate a good feeling, along the lines of the clitoris, if you haven't found that part yet, it's the first thing you hit when you go down there, i like to think of it as a Shrimp, sort of resembles it's shape ...that spot would be very promising, if you learn what stimulates it best, well this is coming from a guy so I'm not to sure what is BEST for masturbation.


All i can say is the girls that iv'e gone down on all like different things, some fast some slow, it varies from women to women, but trust me you masterbaiting is going to give you an idea as to what you want when you do have sex for the first time, it's sort of Like you being the teacher and the guy is your student. same from the guys point of view.


In addition, if your having a hard time getting aroused, or you feel like nothing is working..i hear from girl friends of mine that vibrators work wonders, sort of hard to get one at age 15, Tickle me Elmo never failed. HAHA j/k ( humor)

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You need to keep on experimenting with what makes you feel good, touch yourself in different ways until you find what feels best, there is no right or wrong way, and no man can know better than you what feels best for you.


The area that typically is the most sensitive is the clitoris, this is usually hidden under a little hood, but sometimes is visable on some women, it varies greatly in size, sometimes gets bigger (erect) when aroused.


its located on the top where the labia minora meet, lubricate your fingers, either with your own lubricant or with KY jelly, if your embarrased to buy those items, baby oil or vasoline can work also. just experiment with different movements. pressures, over time you will discover what feels best for you.

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i dont mean to sound so old school... but... dont you find that touching yourself is just wrong? you are going through a stage of confusion and sensuality which is normal at puberty+. But really, i dont think masterbation is going to cure anything. I just find it gross that people have to get a kick out of it... you dont have to do anything. I'm catholic and we find it a sin, because ... well it's pleasure, and frankly... you are abusing your own body.


Suggestions... don't listen to any of the guys that posted.. they are sex addicts. you need to control your urges and what makes you think that u "want to feel more"? this is only going to lead to early sex, and may lead to teen pregnancy and STD's.. .there are so many out there. Please Be careful! I find this a serious matter, and you won't really understand your body until you mature and can supress it. You should just wait. Plus, you're 15! You are so young! You dont need IT!!!


please be safe 8-[

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Sex addicts?


Don't you think the curiosity about not knowing how it feels can lead some people TO experiment with sex?


I'm sorry, but just because your beliefs go against masturbation doesn't mean it's self-abuse.


If you have any unbiased statistics that masturbation leads to early sex, I'd like to see them. I'm perfectly willing to respect other people's beliefs, but in return I don't expect to be classified as a sex addict because I don't find anything shameful about my body, or normal urges of it.


I can definitely see the point in warning people of the dangers associated with sex. However, associating those same dangers with masturbation is a pretty big leap. STDs are a big problem with sexually active people who have indiscrimate/unprotected sex. I suppose with really bad hygiene you could get an infection from masturbation, though HIGHLY unlikely to be an STD, which requires contact with an infected person.


Out of curiosity - I have to ask, do you also believe sex between married people should only be for the purpose of procreation and not pleasure? Yes, I'm serious, not mocking you, just wondering about your beliefs.

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I'm catholic and we find it a sin, because ... well it's pleasure, and frankly... you are abusing your own body.


Thanks for answering Ok, this was what led to my misunderstanding, seems like we're closer to the same page than it appeared. I read it to mean that (to you) pleasure was sinful, and it was abusive, apparently that wasn't what you meant.


I've known a few people who were extreme in their beliefs to the point of being unable to discuss things, including some parents of my friends, one of whom explained menses to her daughter (at like age 11???) as the evil of woman being purged from her every month. Needless to say, she didn't have a very good self image, and didn't feel like she could talk to her about anything. It's made me very cautious about coming accross as making judgements when answering people who have questions on sensitive issues, since it can put people off asking if they perceive that, and don't want to put people off asking or make them feel wrong for it


I'm all for moderation in most things; that's common sense for the most part.


(Sorry for dragging this a bit OT here).

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this is another post from the "sex addict" lol hey at least im comfortable with it. and this girl is not ashamed of her body and will learn to feel the pleasures god gave us capable of having.


this quote is great:


I'm catholic and we find it a sin, because ... well it's pleasure, and frankly... you are abusing your own body.


(I almost took this persons post as sarcastic humor thinking it was a joke, then i remembered that this person has posted other similar opinions.)



"we find it a sin because well it's pleasure", need i say more, yes! because im the sex addict. I like that title.


So remember boys and girls if it feels good, then it must be BaaaaaD! yes do anything pleasurable and your just abusing your body! why ? well because the this catholic say so thats why, masturbate and youll go blind, hair will grow on your hand, yes tickle the taco and youll crave even more sex, and will soon be in orgies with 20 men. caugh caugh, yeah right.. sex is so healthy and necassary especially for men, that those that obstain from it will have wet dreams, the body will do what it was designed to and what keeps it healthy, boys that dont discharge once in a while will have wet dreams to make them do it, if they want to feel bad about having a pleasurable wet dream, well they could give themselfs a few lashings and ask for forgiveness, or they can accept that this is normal and natural.


fact is, discovering yourself is a wonderful way to devolope a healthy sex life later, and satisfying yourself will help quench your natural and healthy desires, releaving sexual frustrations that you may have. unlike some catholic priests that have discovered other ways of relieving themselfs.


Sex is not dirty, your body is not filthy, and self pleasuring is good for you, both physically and mentally.


Psychiatrist and marriage councelers have gotten rich treating people with sexual hangups, and relationship problems because of people like this fanatic that have program these people into thinking that their desires are evil and that pleasure is bad or even that their bodies are dirty or filthy.


But the good thing is people are not falling for this foolish retoric, more and more people have moved to other faiths, because of these peoples interpretation of the bible.


the only thing that makes sense, is that sex is better with love. they are better together and they do compliment each other, but they can also be good alone.

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You do not understand the Catholic position. Masturbation is not wrong because it is pleasurable. If this was the case drinking a glass of wine would be sinful and clearly the Catholic Church does not teach this. Pleasure is not the ultimate good. There are times when pleasure needs to be sacrificed for something greater. Selfishness and masturbation both amount to loving only yourself, which isn't love at all. There are two key purposes of making love: union and procreation (bonding and babies). Masturbation achieves neither, since the center of the sexual act becomes "me" instead of "we." Rather than being in control of sexual desires, masturbation excites lustful thoughts, causes you to expect immediate sexual gratification, and trains you to look to yourself for sexual fulfillment.


Think of it this way: Love is a gift of self. You cannot give what you do not possess. So, if you do not have self-control, you cannot truly give yourself to another.


Though sexual sins are highly addictive, God's healing grace is stronger. Like any other sin, this one can be overcome. Take courage and keep your eyes on Jesus, who will complete the good work he has begun in you (Phil. 1:6)."

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ok, THIS POST IS FROM A GIRL!! NOT A SO CALLED 'SEX ADDICT' GUY! i am the same age as the girl who made this board and i just g2 say KEEP TRYING!!! try reading link removed . i must admit thier ideas are a little extreme but they have diagrams and explainations. Masterbation is a part of life. Infants often touch themselves when little. that whole catholic belief that its bad is bull. im sry. im a christian and my father is catholic. i respect that u elieve in it but it is sooooooo misleading. that passage that arents would scare children out of masterbating with from the Bible with i think it's Onan (?) and "spilling his seed" actually refers to the old birth control method of pulling the penis out of the woman b4 ejaculation, NOT MASTERBATION. besides, y would God give us this gift if he didnt want us to use it? go ahead and keep trying

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I have to say thanks to all your ideas, I think im "cured" now lol


But onto the topic of it being a sin, someone said that if we do this we will become obsessed with sex??


How about it relieving sexual tension and downplaying urges that so many teens have? (I agree with whoever talked about the priests and how they relieved themselves..sickening is what it is, and then its hidden from the world)


As well, its safe. I mean, no one gets pregnant from it now do they?


And as far as im concerned, to me anyways, its still abstenence (sp?)


I too am religious, christian, but went to a catholic school and chose not to be so because there are many things that I dont agree with. (dont eve bring up the topic of homosexuality in the church with me, lol)


Whats more, we should move on from this "stone age" like view, its the 21st century guys! Just my viewpoint, Im a strong believer in God, but I believe that if he knows I love and follow him, that Im going to have my own opinions about things.


Well I guess thats all for now.

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