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I started going out with one of my good friend. She was the girl of my dreams and I loved her very much. After a long-term relationship my girlfriend left me because things weren't working out and she said she didn't love me anymore because of it. The reason things didn't work were my fault and I knew that. Things were just starting to get better before she left which hurt me even more. I still loved her very much and wanted to get back with her right away. I keep calling her and talking to her, we went out and tried doing things. When she told me she told me that there still a chance for us, so I pushed hard to get back with her and started acting really weird and obsessive. Because I pushed so hard and never gave it time she keep saying no and this hurt me a lot. I hurt acting selfish and wanted her to feel my pain so I start to hurt her emotionally. I put her through so much that she started to hate me. Now after about two month she hates me and never wants talk or she me again. To make things even harder we share the same small group of friends. So if I ever do something with my friend and she is there she leaves to go home. I finally realized how unfair I was to her and which I could take it all back. I want to go out with her again but understand that she may never go out with me again because of what I put her through and I first need to fix things as friends. I've apologized to her so many times that now that I finally am truly sorry she doesn't believe me and won't talk to me to see that I truly am. I'm so lost and confused now and don't know what to do anymore please help me.

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I believe this is the same thing that happened to me a guy. I fell out of love with him for various reasons and he didnt want to let hte relationship go. I tried to stay with him anyway, but found it hard to be with him being that I really didnt love him anymore. He then began to hurt me emotionally and started being mean. He would say and do hurtful things. Well, now he has moved on, but I REALLY want nothing to do with him. I tried to love him again but just couldnt The reason I fell out of love was because of things he did. He then called me and and tried to talk to me just as friends. In your case, you need to just move on. Give her time. She may be done with you forever or she may come back. Just let her be.

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