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hi- i've taken a lot of the advice from the message boards, but i still have some trouble.

i'm falling in love with a guy more and more, who lives in a different state. he is not one for phone conversation, so it's difficult to talk about us and what's going on in our lives. we trade-off calling, but it seems more and more annoying when i just want to be with him.

i want to plan a visit for him to see me in december. i don't know how to suggest this idea. i feel like the next step for us is to talk face to face.

i've been focusing on my life/ career and needs.

it's tough doing these things with out him in my life on a day to day basis.

i want to discuss us as a potential couple and our communication being stronger. i want us to go forward together in life.

how do i do this? i'm really one who is patient in the process of nurturing, but it's so difficult now that we are apart.

how do i suggest the trip? how do i suggest us? how do i feel comfortable with these fears of failing outcomes?


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Hey Stacy, it's me Happy Heb


Well, you do call each other right? So call him up or maybe chat with him on the net or something. Somewhere along the way, bring you two's up...talk about u's.


It really depends on how obvious you want your hint to him, you could easily just say something like, I can't wait to see you soon...when can you come and visit (lol, actually that wouldn't be much of a hint).


Ok so you don't want it to be so obvious? hmm lol, I've never done anything like that before, met people but not met them yet. How about you bring something up like how you're so looking forward to xmas holidays for a couple of conversations then one day say something like even though it'll be boring with nothing much to do. Perhaps he'll get the hint and decide to spice things up a lil for you.


The only way to deal with your fears properly is to fight them...


Hope that helped

Happy Heb

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