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So Confused about a girl, Help

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Hi everyone,


it all started last year about summer time. my sister is 18 and her friend is 23. i bumped into her and we were introduced and i took an instance attraction. gradualy we become good friends but with a little twist which confused me. The signs she was giving off laughing at my jokes, looking at me/staring and smiling sent me an message tht she liked me. Last christmas my mate had a christmas do with his wirk firm so I tagged alone and who was their....you gussed it. i talked to her abit and joked around and tht wws tht. an hour later she asked me to dance and I turned her down....and she said tht my sister is not her now. This is a big issue coz of my sister. anyhow my mates couldnt believe it and they said that she likes me etc. Anyway she has now got a boyfriend and been going out for nearly a year, but i go down to the pub tuesdays and tursday to meet up with me sis and her. She is still giving them signs by looking alot laughing at my jokes etc. she doesnt doo it to any1 else except me. Im really confused about her or me mainly. Dont know wht to do anymore i really like her and its been over a year and a half and my feelings havnt changed and her reactions hasnt changed. PLEASE HELP im going out of my mind thinking about her.

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you know what? one day that girls gonna end up with a ring on her finger, and its not going to be yours. You'll end up never knowing if she might have been the one for you, just because you didn't give it a shot. Then, it will be too late, and you won't be able to be with her, the way you can now. I don't think you should wait till then, because you never know. She already gave it a shot obviously, and you turned her down. I'm guessing that's why she's with another person. You probably have her as confused as she has you. The only advice I can give you, is go for it. Try it out, or at least talk with her to see what she thinks, or if she's thinking what you think she's thinking at all. don't let things like this just slip you by, especially when you have feelings for her. You'll live to regret it.

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