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I guess it's time to let go

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Hmm it's really hard to say,but i guess it's time for me to let go.My girl hasn't talked to me in three and a half weeks(she says she is scared to lose me)and isn't making any attempt to call or email.I love her more than anything and it's probably a stupid choice,but what else can i do???

I can't be torn up thinking about her every day like this.I dunno she can fix it all with one call and i told her this,but i havn't got that call so i guess that means she doesn't wanna be with me anymore


I dunno i need some feedback quick,cuz i'm ready to fix it or move on!

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I hear you loud and clear, I was in that situation recently...


Here's what I realized. Although she's probably not trying to play mind games with you, your mind is getting played with either way. What I would do is just live for yourself, and do what makes you happy right now. I know it's hard to get her out of your mind, and I'm not saying you've got to forget her... and I'm not even saying that you should find someone else... but no matter what you do, she's going to make up her own mind.


It's something you don't want to force, she'll do it on her own time, and the only choice you have is to accept it or not.


As to what she's thinking, nobody can answer that. Most likely, she's just as confused as you are. If you want to wait it out longer, just hang in there, live day by day, and don't go nagging her with emails and phone calls. Let her miss you, and find out what it's like with you not there. Don't try to get her jealous, just be comfortable by yourself right now.


Good luck, I feel your pain...


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l feel for you these thing's happen and we are so powerless to do anything about them.

you know the saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you and saying goodbye for the last time..well that's the hardest thing in the world.

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