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I'm a 20yr old MAN with BREASTS

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I don't know if anyone can help me with this, but I don't know who else to turn too because I'm too embaressed too tell people about my problem in real life.


Now my problem. I'm a 20yr old man, who has a rather strange problem, I have small breasts They're not huge, but people can notice them. It's affected my confidence and past relationships with women, I was going out with one lady for 6 months and when the time came for sex, the lights had to be completely out or if that wasn't possible (ie daytime) I wore a shirt during sex, until I just couldn't handle it anymore and broke up with her because I was so uncomfortable with myself.


It's NOT that I'm over-weight. I'm 6'3" and about 170lbs, so I'm pretty lean. Anyway I thought working out more would help my problem, but nope, if anything my breasts are even more prominent now! Aghh! They're not firm, there like little fatty lumps that sag. There not really obvious if I were loose shirts but when I were something more tight fitting it's scary.


Any men here have/had these "man boobs"? How do I get rid of them!? It's making me very self conscious, do I have to get some sort of liposuction for my man breasts?? If so does private health cover pay for this or will it set me back many thousands of dollars for a operation. Thanks for your help people. What do I tell my doctor if I have to get an operation?

"Hi doc, yeah I have breasts and was wondering if I could get surgery" that'd be too uncomfortable Anyway anyone who has some ideas please help a poor guy out. Thanking you greatly.

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ug i have same problem. i used to wear loose shirts, but it made it seem like i was hiding a stomach (which i am, will explain problem with that), or man boobs. I wear 2 shirts, 1st one is a tighty whitey shirt, kinda gives it some muscal form, and the 2nd is some medium fitting shirt. this does help with this problem.


As for my stomach, I have hernias so i can not do no more than 20 sit ups. I am not allowed to lift more than 20 pounds as well to reduce and stranglation of hernias. Any advide since sit ups and push ups i am not allowed to / pyshically can not do?

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try doing pushups on a daily basis. Also working out three times a week might help. I work Back/Biceps on Monday, Wednesday- legs/neck/sholders, and on Friday- Triceps/chest. Every day I work out on the treadmill and the cross country machines. You have to do some pushups to get rid of the man boobs. This is what helped me I hope this will help you.

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Listen guys,



you are NOT abnormal...


I went through the SAME THING...



I was 250 LBS, and had Male Breats...



The medical term is: Gynecomastia






I got MOTIVATED to loose a WHOLE bunch of weight, and I wanted to be RIPPED like Bruce Lee...



I was ALL Natural AND Vegitarian (STILL), and weighed 135 LBS!


The loose skin thought FROM the Breasts remained, and in the ABS too.


I became BULEMIC, and there was NOTHING I PERSONALLY could do...



EVENTUALLY I saw a surgian (VERY NICE GUY) and it was ALOT cheaper than expected...


My parents helped me out and I am no longer Bulemic, wasn't for about 5 months PRIOR to surgery...







I COMPLETEY undertsnad your pain,



SEARCH the internet on the procedure, and TRY and find a surgian!



It'll make ALL the difference!!!



If you ARE a ANABOLIC user, STOP!


If not, OR either way, each right, get physical, TAKE CONTROL and see a Doc!



It worked for me, and IF you wish to email me PERSONALLY you may do so!








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