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How do I deal with my ex when we still love each other?

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My ex and I have been broke up for almost a year, and we still love each other very much. But she is scared to get involved again but yet she still tells me that she wants to marry me and that I am the one that she wants to be with but she wants to be friends first. The thing is I have always been her friend and she has always been my best friend and even after almost a year I love her so much and I don't sleep and its hard to not be around her. I have done what she has asked which is give her time and so I haven't called her or talked to her and then out of the blue she calls me and wants to try again but she needs time but I feel like she might be playing with my head. The only thing that I know is she loves me with all her heart and I love her as well I just don't know what to do. Should I wait or should I move on? I know she wants me back but its just so hard to give her all this time and knowing that I don't get once step closer to holding her again. how long must a man wait to get back the one thing that makes him happy? please help me I know its alot to think about and I know its a unique situation but I have done everything I know how and I have run out of options so please help me.

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If I were you, which I am not, I would just back off completely and let her figure out what she needs to figure out. Let her go and if she comes back, then you are golden. The thing that bothers me is she keeps coming back to you making sure you are still around. There will come a time when you tell her you are moving on and she better get on board or that is that. It sounds harsh but it is something you need to do. You can't be expected to be hanging on with your heart when she won't do anything about it. Sometimes there is a time when thing need to end no matter how much you love her. Tell her the end is now, get on or get out. But it is much harder to say than do.

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This is a tricky situation, you both love each other but she has some fears or emotional issues here , that i cant even try to guess at.


If you back off and lower your interest in her, this could go both ways.


It could motivate her to snatch you before she loses you for good.




It could make her fears founded, that you cant count on men, or love or whatever is running through her head.


What you didnt write down is why you broke up in the first place, somewhere in there is the reason she is like she is now.


My advice, since you both love each other, dont give up on her, let her have some more time, but let her make most of the contacts. if after a while its still the same ol stuff, then maybe you need to tell her you cant wait anymore and that your gonna have to move on. as a last ditch effort.

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I dont know the reasons that you guys broke up. You need to give her some space and at the same time move on with your life. This may bring her back or it may not. You do not need to be waiting around on someone to be with you. Tell her that you love her and how you feel, but tell her that it is time for you to heal. Give her the space she wants and let her contact you. It has been a year already, it may just be time for you to hang it up and move on. If she wants you back she will get in where she fits in. I know you love her, but love yourself a little more to let this situation go. If she is yours she will come back to you, and hopefully it isnt to late. Hey just think, by then you could be loving someone else who WANTS to be with you.

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