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Forgetting ex then a dream dredges it all back up why?

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I was gradually getting over my ex, I’ve started university and moved away from home so it’s made it easier not being able to bump into him like I had been doing when I was at home. However last night I had a dream that he followed me here and wanted to get back together and he had missed me and regretted breaking up with me. The strange thing is that it felt so real and I remember telling myself in my dream that it wasn’t and a woke up, but this huge wave of feelings came over me I thought I’d managed to get rid of these feelings but now I can’t help feeling like I miss him again, I know this is stupid to get all this just from a dream but it felt so real and now all I can focus on was how much I enjoyed being with him and I miss him so much!

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Hi Couture,


Don't worry about this. Dreams can have a funny way of bringing things that we have forgotten back up. There is simply nothing that you can do about this - but try to forget it happened. Mainly, our dreams are created by a compilation of thoughts from our day time.


Your dreams are not real, but inventions of your mind. The emotions that are created by them can be very real, but you must learn not to be affected by them once you have woken up.


Hope this helps you some,

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Hi im not a dream scientist or anything but as far as i know its difficult to explain the concept of why we sleep, let alone why we dream about the things we do. I just have my own little theories on dreams and basically i see dreams and sleep as a way to relieve your mind of tensions kind of like a massage for your consciousness. I don't think its so easy as to say 'you want your ex back so your dreaming about him' but maybe there is something left unresolved or unsaid and you should have some idea of what as soon as you read that.


If you look at the dreams this way it becomes obvious to embrace the dream confront the issue and move on.




The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves...

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Hi ,

In my opinion is these dreams are quite normal. Naturally it is still in your subconscious and it is a way of letting go. I had dreams that were so real that I'd wake up totally confuse and in complete sweat .My ex would come to me and be in my bed touching and holding me. And I would tell her that I loved her.And she would leave and I'd wake up.Other times in my dreams I would follow her down long streets ,around corners and never able to catch up with her.In technicolor !That real. To make a long story short, the dreams started to be fewer and fewer only when I found myself getting over her.Truth is, it takes time to get over a broken heart. Dreams are part of the healing process.The feeling you got from your dream is powerful but it will pass. Take care of yourself. I hope this helps.

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