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pregnancy tests


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my gf took a home pregnancy test last night and she told me that it was positive. What is the time frame or window when one can tell if they are pregnant or not. She tested 2 weeks after she got raped. She get's official results on Oct 31st. Thanks for ur input.



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omg.. she was raped

thaz serious man... yeh...

look, did the police get into this?

she had to go as soon as it happened

this sound so easy with words but

oh well.. if it is positive...

then will she have the baby?? well it's the most humane thing to do...

it's not like if she had taken the pill the mornin after the rape so that she could kill some cells there... i mean,... 3 weeks... fetus... heart beatin... quite drastic... but lez not get into abortion here... it's not an option k?...

now... if you really love her... i know it's not your responsability... would u take care of the child as if it were yours?

but omg i dont even know your age.. what if you and your gf are just some teenagers??? yould ruin a childs life with your immaturity... omfg!

this is some mess... but i dont wanna b negative.

if a baby comes out, shell have the DNA tested and find the MOTHA.FU.**!!! (i hope it's not u btw) anyways... remember that only 6% of raped women end up pregnant... maybe shes part of that percent.

and also remember that pregnancy is not an illness.. it's somethin natural... now u should worry bout her health... threats are lethal viruses... like u know... AIDS.. she has to check herself... get labs on many sexually transmitted s**t... herpes... see? thaz bad stuff... i know a new life is frustrating... but hey... check if there will be death first!



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