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Okay I don't know whats happening to me at the moment.


Lately I've been under a Hell of alot of pressure from my company, which I now have got to get some legall advise on and also going to have to Sue.

I am leaving this job and have found alternitive employment.


The beginning of this week I went to see the doctor cuz I been on Sertriline for depression, he was Eazing me of it. and now this week i've been of it completely, for the first time.


I've been experiencing this strange feeling at first I thought pretty cool, but now it's starting to bother me, I kinda feel dizzy all the time, when I walk around, kinda feels I've had a couple of pints of beer. also as I can only describe it feels as Blood rushing around my body into my hands making them tingle, Sorry thats only how I can explain it.


Is this normal after being taken off this medication or is it somthing else from the pressure I've been under.


I have not been feeling depressed at all infact on more of a high, maybe it's just hormones, I don't know.

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To me it sounds like a blood pressure problem, most likely due to coming off the anitdepressants. You can normally do a Google search on meds and get a pretty good result on what the side effects might be.


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Here is a link that I found, I think I remember feeling anxiety and heart palpitations when I was coming off that drug. In a way it is good, because now you will learn other more effective coping skills to deal with the normal everyday problems of life that we all deal with eventually, taking a drug to help sooth the pain of life is ok for a while, but soon, the effectiveness of the drug will wear off and you still have the same problem, and the problem has been there for a year or more and you were just unwilling to tackle it properly.


Sometimes it is difficult to see exactly how to unravel the problem at this point, so keep us updated and let us know how things are going for you!!


Good Luck!!

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