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how come no one loves me?

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i'll be honest, i am suffering from depression. but i dont show signs of depression in the company of others. i try to laugh and be nice to everyone. i have no problem making people laugh, i've made perfect strangers laugh so hard they cry. so i guess i have a great sense of humor. so then how come no one loves me. i'm not a jerk at all. like i say i try to be nice whenever i can. but still no one loves me. i've never been been kissed, never held a girls hand, never really even been hugged. not even by my family. they come home and bark orders at me all night, i get mad and scream at them, then get slapped for it. i know im the black sheep of the family and all. my brothers and sister all graduated at the top of their class, married great people, and are very successful. and i can't remember the last time i made an A on an assignment. but what did i do to diserve this? how come no one loves me? i try to make friends, i really do, but no one likes me. no matter how funny i am, no matter how nice i am...nothing. im 17 years old, and can't take much more of this. no one loves me, not my siblings, not my family, i don't think god loves me either. i've been praying for as long as i can remember for someone to love me. just one. but still im alone. i give up god, you win.

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You know, I really feel youre pain. I've been there before. Lets examine youre situation and find out what may be really going on. I am going to tear what you wrote up bit by bit and do my best to help you out. First, you said you are suffering from depression. Why are you allowing youreself to suffer? Are you a ragdoll? Of course not, you are human. If you havent done so, go get youreself some therapy. It works, trust me. See someone who is qualified, it may entail medication, but eventually you will get better. Usually when you are suffering from depression it is because something is missing from youre life. A therapist can help you overcome those issues. Besides that examine youre phsical health carefully. Do you have any sleep problems. I bet you didnt know, sleep apnea and other disorders can cause Depression. Are you watching youre diet. Eat healthy foods. Avoid drugs and alchol. Stimulants may help you to temporarily cope, but in the long run, it will just make you much worse. Do excercise? IF not, I suggest you do so. Excercise releases endorphins that will boost youre mood. You can do karate, jogging, weight training, anything, just do it. Those are just some things you can do to help ease youre pain. What about self confidence. You dont sound confident to me. Lack of confidence can cause depression. Hold youre head up high, any time youre head begins to drop, pick it back up, pull those shoulders back, you are just as good as everyone else. You also said that you try to be "nice" to people. Why? Are you a people pleaser. If you dont feel pleasant dont act it. You need to cure youre people pleasing issues. Its okay to be nice, but not at the expense of youre self worth. You are not a black sheep, you are a human in need of help. Youre family may be a big problem, and thats unfortunate, I advise you to get help if possible. I suggest you learn as much as you can. Youre not doing good in school? Get some tutoring then. Pick up books to help you improve youre school performance. Cut back on distracting things like television. How come no one likes you? Because you dont love youreself. How can you command respect if you dont respect and love youreself. Be the best you can possibly be. Quit playing the rating game. The only person you need to compare youreself to is youreself. You never been kissed by a girl. Well now is youre chance to learn more about the dating game and relationships. Pick up some books to learn relationships skills. Pick up some books on attracting women. By youreself some nice clothes. Learn some flirting techniques. Again, I have been in youre shoes before, so i can not only empathize but I can sympathize. Self love is the most important love of all. If you have problems communicating others, learn some good communication techniques. Friends are important. I suggest that you get involved in activities where there are people youre age with the same interests. If you like acting, take acting classes. If you are into volunteer work, volunteer. If you like boxing, go take boxing lessons. Learn how to make small talk. Reinvent youreself into the person you want to be. Stay away from depressing music. Believe in youreself. Try reading yourself positive affirmations every day. Make out a list of ten things you like about youreself and affirm them. Learn how to meditate. Meditation will teach you how to accept life for what it really is. God didnt forget about you. As a matter of fact, I think God has better plans for you that you dont see now. I thought God forgot about me at one time, But God didnt. Remember God wont do the work for you. You are on a journey, it may be painful at times, but I believe you can overcome this. Have faith in youreself. Have faith in God. You have friends on this website. You need to talk feel free to talk to me. Now what you must do is hold youre head up high. Pretend you are a mountain that cant be moved. Work on what is missing in youre life. Clean up youre act. Learn to love youreself and others will follow. Learn how to be a better stronger person. Everybody in this world including you deserves the best, once you believe this, it will happen.


I wish you the best of luck. I hope you create the life of youre dreams becuase you deserve it!!!!


We all carry positive power within, unleash that power, break through the social constraints held against you, and you will discover inner peace, I promise.

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Do you love yourself?


God didnt forget about you. As a matter of fact, I think God has better plans for you that you dont see now. I thought God forgot about me at one time, But God didnt. Remember God wont do the work for you.


Ah, reinvented, it was such a good post, only this part I disagree with.


God, religion, it's very easy to fall into this trap. Ok, read this carefully Psychotic Ninja, read it and think about it. Don't take this as disrespectful, this is only to help you out. If you don't agree, fine, at least think about it.


I believe prayer is the easy way out of a situation. Instead of actually acting, the prayer prefers to pray and wait for things to happen to him. Do you know what is called a Crisis situation in psychology? It's a situation in which someone doesn't feel like he/she has any control over his life. And praying, as far as the asking part is concerned, is stripping you of some your responsabilities. By that I mean, that instead of spending time acting to reach your goal, you prefer to pray for them for some kind of divine intervention I say help yourself, maybe then the gods will help you. Do you really think that if there was a God, he would only grant favors to those who pray? Would it make sense? Would he need us to kneel and cross our hands and all that? Of course not. You are your own God, act like one. As far as praying to give you some strength to obtain what you want, this is fine. But you must realise that although you will think that God gives you strength, you will have actualy subconsciously convinced yourself so much that you can reach for your goal, that you can do it, that you will. It won't be because of God though, it will be because you trusted yourself to succeed and you did. Take some credit for what you do, putting God in all this is only stripping you of your chance to be proud of yourself and to act.


I think your solution lies in action, you have thought and identified what you want and what you don't want, now is the time to act accordingly. If I were you, I wouldn't put the responsability of what's happening on others or god, take whatever share you think belongs to you. You have power over your own life, buddy, realise that, and once you do, you'll feel an that an unshakeable strength has borne within you. Because you will know you can act and make things change, that you are your own actor and the puppet of some invisible being.


I know theres prolly like millions of people that want to take your place right now. Ethopian kids (i know i know everyone says this) are starving, and what are you doing?


I don't believe in this kind of comparison, or any kind of comparison that is problem-related anyways. Each and every problem is relative to the person living it. This means something might be terrible for someone and it might be nothing for someone else. You have the right to live what you are living. Don't prevent yourself from being sad just because someone else lives more sadness, that would be nonsense. In fact, that would mean that you would have the right to feel sadness unless your were the unhappiest person on the face of the Earth. I think you can see this lacks any kind of Reason.


As for the rest, go with Reinvented advice, it's all good.


Omega Man


ps: (become your own god)

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