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boyfriend problems

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here is a quote:


Does this mean he is cheating on me?

what might the answer be?



I love my boyfriend very much. I have this gut feeling he is cheating on me. Why would he do this after all those times he told me he loves me, and wants to be with me for the rest of my life! Is it hard for him to love just one person? He is my first real boyfriend and do I have to be there to love him? He says a lot of great things to me, like...he wants to be w/me for the rest of my life and wants to marry me. What should I do to get him to tell me his cheating????

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hey well i have the same problem. try talking to some of his friends to find out if he is cheating on you or maybe his sister, brother, cousin... im not going to tell you that he is cheating on you because he might not be. i still dont know if my b/f is cheating on me but his cousin told me that he might be, but i dont know. i say dont cheat on him for 2 reasons 1) you dont want to lower yourself to his level 2) what if he's not. guys might say that to see how much you trust him, but than again he might be telling u the truth. and i dont think that he should be talking to you that way...how long have u been with him? if hes treating u like that its not worth it trust me...b4 u know it will be so hard to let go.

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Hey there... wow... it's amazing how many people are actually going thru the same things you are going thru. I experienced this bakc in August when my fiance and I broke up. For a couple months I had (like you said) a gut feeling that something wasn't right. I tried to get him to tell me what was up but the reply was always "nothing." But as August drew nearer, I could see that we were becoming more distant with each other and other things began to show. There was a mutual friend that we had.... and come to find out a few weeks after the breakup, he was dating her.. but that wasn't it! He had been talking to her a while before he broke up with me... via text messaging and whenever I was at home not near him. But anyways, what I was going to say to you is that before you go to his friends and relatives, try asking him to be perfectly honest with you about his feelings and things that you want to know. It may not be the best things in the world to hear... but at least you will know and not have to spend months wondering like I did. But if that goes nowhere, then try secondary sources. I hate when guys can't be honest with their feelings.. but let me tell you one thing that I had to learn and it still hurts til today.. DO NOT make your boyfriend that center of your entire world.. because if by some unfortunate cicrumstances things do not work out, you won't be hurting as bad and moving on will be easier. But don't worry about any of that stuff yet... try to talk to your bf and see if something is bothering him or what's up and then go from there. Good luck to the both of you. Peace.

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All I can say is to follow your gut feeling...your instinct. Eventhough he's telling you "things" to get you off his back about cheating...observe his attitute towards you. Does he need space? Does he try to put other things before you and your relationship? These things may not apply to your situation, I don't know but the key is following your gut feeling.


I found out my now ex was cheating behind my back for more than a year. I had this feeling but he kept telling me no and that he's having financial and family problems. Little did I know what was REALLY going on. If I had only known, I would have dumped his ass earlier. The funny thing is now he's having problems with the girl and he's been calling me wanting to cheat on her with me. I thought that was funny. Anyways, I wouldn't get involved with him again knowing what kind of a guy he really is... a liar and a cheater to boot! I deserve better

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