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Get over an ex who won't leave me alone

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My long term boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago. Things have been iffy for the past 3 months and then I found out that he flew halfway accross the country to meet a woman he met online. He wants to "be friends", but I told him I needed time and space to get over the relationship. He calls me daily to "find out how I am", to tell me he still loves me as a friend, he misses me, etc.. I keep thinking/hoping everytime he calls that he'll say he wants to get back together and work on repairing our relationship, however when the conversation ends, I end up feeling worse than I did before he called. Things are also kind of complicated because we also have a business venture together. I can't just stop taking his calls. How do I get over him if he's still so involved in my life.

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well, it will just happen eventually but not as soon as it would if you didn't take his calls. he needs to respect your needs & he needs to give you space. talk to him & let him know that it hurts you because you aren't completely over him yet & makes it harder for you to get over him when he calls you every day. maybe he will understand & not call you so much.

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let's face it. the whole relationship went down the drain a while already. if he can fly to meet his online girlfriend, you can imagine, they've already have quite a bit of 'quality time' together on the net.


or are you really hoping he'll get sick of the other woman and return to you? or are you serious about wanting him out of your life?


if you are serious about the breakup, then this business venture this just like what divorce is all about. handling of mutual assets at separation. so look at it objectively (it's your money!) - can he buy you out, or vice versa? can you sell out and split the cash (at a loss, probably)? get a lawyer to advise you on the legal and financial issues

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