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still not over her please help

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ok theres this girl i use to be madly in love with. me and her use to love each other so much and well somehow it changed we broke up and our relationship has never been the same. im still not over her and from wat i heard like 2 weeks ago shes not over me. but then again i asked her a month ago to a dance and she said no cuz we fight to much. i was mad. made things worse. but then i apoligized and we were best of friends for a day. then in the afternoon i found out she liked this junior (byu the way were sophmores) i was so pissed. i didnt talk to her as much as i use to. and well lately we havent talked at all. i heard from her best friends and from her dat when shes wit that other guy she sees me and thinks about me. but i dont believe her. im still in love wit her. but i jus wonder y i waste my time. last friday i went to the dance. i met up wit some friends. when i got there i was kinda sad because i was thinkin bout my ex and what do u know the first song of the dance was me and my exs song and she started dancing wit her date. i felt like shit. until i met this girl (shes a junior). me n her were talkin we kept to ourselves. people thought we were going out. we kept talkin about our ex's and how were still not over them. while i went to get us a drink my ex started talkin to her but i dont know wat about. then me n this girl i met at the dance jus sat in this corner then everyone started coming over and then my ex did. i said hi and she asked me to dance i said no she jus turned around she didnt say anything. then i went lookin for my friend my ex tried dancing wit me i jus moved her to the side. then i saw my ex and her date slow dancing so i told me n the girl i met if she wanted to so we did . this girl was lookin at my ex and my ex was lookin over we were laughin and then my ex kisses her date! i was so pissed. i wanted to beat up her date so bad. and now im jus.....i dont know. feeling dumb. wat should i do? i dont kno if shes going out wit that kid because in the beginning they were together and then they sat for a little big and then the got close like face to face and then after that they didnt spend dat much time together but they still ended up kissing at the end of the night. do u think my ex could of possibly jus kissed the guy to get my jealous because i was wit some other girl? it doesnt sound like her but im not so sure anymore. wat can i do? please help me.

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it sounds like she is trying to make u jealous. its all part of mind games that exes play with each other after breaking up. if she is then dont waste your time on her because you dont deserve her. she still must b thinking about you because she asked you to come and dance with her when she saw you with that girl. you rejected so she went off trying to get back at you. thats my interpretation.

whether she is trying to get back at you or not- it all comes down to the fact that she is moving on (or at least pretending she is), and this is making you want her back even more. from what uv told me, i think you can get her back really easily. show her u moved on, and that u dont need her, and that you can live without her and she will get scared shes losing you like she did that nite. keep control of the situation and make her chase you, and i recogne she'll b runnin back for you (no guarentees though). dont let her get to you. you've got to b gettin at her.

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