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cross-culture dating help puhleeeeez

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Hi there,

I share my living space with a girl who is very cool in my books. We have same likes/dislikes when it comes TV, music or even people haha. Almost have the same hobbies too like biking and swimming/running.

I am not sure if this forum is about only Americans, but I ain't one

I was wondering how do I go about asking this girl out on a simple date. Coming from a different culture I am a bit paranoid about looking pretty foolish. I think that she is not dating anyone right now as we spend most of Friday/Saturday nights watching some good movies or doing something like that.

If anyone could help me make a complete fool of myself, I would welcome the miss-advice

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hey there wonkothesane!


just to let you know, this is not an american only forum! i myself am australian, and there are plenty of other cultures here, so dont worry


ok i understand you like you room-mate, and you guys sound like you hit it off pretty well. most of the challenge is already done though, your close friends, you share lots of interests, and by the sound of things you both are interested in eachother!


if you want to go out with her exculsively, id say just ask her about it. you guys seem close enough for that to be fine! cultures has nothing to do with it! its the person not the background that draws attention. just start casual if your a bit sceptical like "hey, was wondering if you'd like to join me for lunch, out sometime"........


best of luck to you!



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Dont make culture or race for that matter an issue, you are just two people, its only a problem if you make it one.


you get along and have many things in common thats a good foundation for any relationship, so tell her how you feel. if for some reason she says no, dont take it personal or think it has something to do with your cultural background. guys and gals get rejected all the time, and those things have nothing to do with it.


I mean look at my family, we are the united nations hehe, I married (divorced now) a Dominican, Iam American, but of Irish/Spanish/Libyan decent.


My sisters were born in Puerto rico, but raised in the US, one of them married a Mexican American.


I know no boundries, women are women, men are men, its just your work to find someone you get along with, thats all.

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