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alright here is basically my situation.. when i was 6 my birth father sexual abused me and my brother who was 7 at the time. he would come home from the bars and litarly 'stick it in' i don't know how else to explain it to everyone, but he would usually make sure my mom is either sleeping or somewhere else, but then he would sexual abuse us until my mom walked in on it.. i was through counceling and court and all that and then my birth father was not allowed to see either of us (me or my brother).. and from that even when i would get in arguments with my mom before she would call me his name because i was acting like him or something and the just hurt me so bad.. but the whole point of this is i told a friend about this and he was just pissed.. and i fould out where he lives which is only like 3 hours away from me and i was asking if you think i should confront him? cuz i really want to know what the hell is wrong with that guy... hes sick i just want to know why he would do that..and tell him how much of an effect he had on my life cuz of that.. but any ideas?

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I think you should go. But take a friend that you could feel secure. That might bring closer to allot of things and maybe it will make you relive allot of the anger that you have inside for him. That sick man should realize how much of an affect it has caused you and your brother. He needs to feel guilty till the day he dies. Good luck with that. And sorry that ever had to happen to you and your bro.

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