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semen in mouth...hmmm...


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I don't know what you guys are talking about. Of course swallowing semen is dangerous. What makes you believe it isn't? It is certainly possible to contract HIV from an HIV-positive person's semen. If you have any open cuts, sores or lesions in your mouth or on your lips, bodily fluids such as semen or blood from an HIV-infected individual can certainly put you at risk for contracting the virus. HIV causes AIDS, and AIDS has no cure. Be safe when you have sex in any form--vaginal, oral, anal, God knows what else people do out there. The bottom line is you have to watch out for your own health, and if you didn't realize the truth in what I've just said, you desperately need to do a little STD research. It's as easy as typing "AIDS prevention" or something similar into a search engine such as link removed. BE SAFE PLEASE!!



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No you cant get pregnant from oral sex. Theres no .. passage from the stomach to the uteris. At least nothing the sperm could survive. You can get STD's if you have any cuts or openings in your mouth because semen carries it and if it touches your bloodstream, you're in trouble. But no, to answer your question, becoming impregnated from oral sex isnt possible.

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