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Need advice...very shy...asking someone out..


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Well, here goes, and I thank you for any advice.. sorry about the length


Alright, well I've known this girl since elementary school. In grade school she told me she had a major crush on me. But in my opinion that means nothing now. I've never really had a crush on her, like I currently do. I am now a Junior in high school and this year I have come to the conclusion that I really do like her. She works with me and we talk at school. I can make her laugh and she can make me laugh. I am a very nice person, not to sound full of myself, and I am always in a very good mood. She is also a very nice person and I can always seem to strike conversations with her. She is very smart and has a head set firmly on her shoulders. She is what I want in a girl, she isn't a partier, no drugs or alcohol, and she isn't the most popular girl in school. She is the kind of person who could have an awesome time just taking a walk, or going apple picking for that matter. Now, I know it sounds like I have an good chance going out with her, and I would love it if I did. But today I learned that she is possibly thinking of asking somone out. This person, however, is the complete opposite. He is the partier, the one who can hang around all of the girls at school, he smokes pot, and he hangs around his little skater gang all day. This isn't to say I have something against him and his friends, I'm just saying he is different in more ways then one from her, and I could never see the two dating. I honestly think I could have a better time with her than she could have with him. I hope I don't sound to cocky. But I think her and I would make a good, and fun couple. I want to ask her out really badly but don't know how.. Do you think I have a chance. Would it be better if I had a friend kind of find out from her whether or not she'd dig me with out her knowing I sent him? One part of me says, Go for it, she will say yes. And the other is just such a wussy!


Grr...I don't know what to doooooo!!!


Thank you again for taking the time to read all of that!!

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I've noticed in my past that if you want to ask a girl out you ask them out face to face. Since you and her have known each other for a long time and you have no problems talking to her, I'd say talk to her privately one on one and ask her out on a date. The worst thing that she could say is no and it happens to be that way than it wasn't "meant to be" there are a lot of fish in the sea, if this happens to not work out...but I do encourage you to ask her out before it's too late, esp. if she wants to ask someone else out. Do you have a chance? well, you never know, unless you ask. So go for it!! because you might lose your opportunity later on. Good luck to you and I hope that it works out for you.



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