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I am haunted by the memory of the kiss that I never should have stolen from one who I havent had the time to become friends with let alone intimate enough to kiss.


I went to a birthday party of a friend, and a girl that I work with was there. We were both drinking and talking but apart from a long history of very friendly smiles between the two of us, we had nothing together. After sitting and chatting to her for a while I started to feel myself being drawn into her and eventually we were very close together talking and even holding hands. I felt it at the same time that she did, and at the same time as the compulsion to lean in further and kiss her came over me we both broke it off, sat back and looked around as if to see if we had been caught in some crime. She suggessted that we withdraw to another room and we kissed but then others came in and thats where it ended.


I called her the next day, just to chat it up a bit, and try to form something coherent about the previous nights activities. Like I said we had been drinking. She knew that we had talked and kissed, an she said that she was glad that we had. Good to hear if you ask me.


But its very awkward. Im her boss. Ive talked with MY boss and hes OK with the idea as long as it doesnt interfere with my work, but now it seems that even though she and I have been talking more on the phone since, at work we have gone back to the comfortable smiles but nothing more relationship.


Ive always adopted the POV of not mixing work with play, but im just so damn hung up on this girl. My work peer friends are giving me hell over it as she has a kid already from a previous marriage, not that that bothers me, and others of them are giving me hell over it as theres another guy in our dept who had been talking to her prior. One of the employees under my direct control no less.


We have a ...i shudder to use the term ...Date set for sunday night. Coffee and sober conversation is my only goal, but I dont know what to do. Im horrible with women have NO intuitive insight and dont know if shes playing this off, or playing along.


So far shes been fairly open, and actually complimentative in our conversations on the phone, talking about everything from her son to our past marriages. Ive done the same, even talking to her about my own wife who passed away 3 years ago. A topic that I really try to avoid and dont chat about. With anyone really. I know that im comfortable talking to her, and I think that means something but I just dont know. It feels that the work environment makes her withdrawn and not wanting to talk at all. It might just be that everyone knows about it and has different gossip if you will about what we have actually done, and ill even admit that that makes even ME uncomfortable but still noone is going to say anything about it.



OI!! What the hell should I do.


Please advise guys an gals. Your insights and intuitions are valuable commodities to me as always.



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ok see what happens on the "date". But becarful you are her boss that makes things harder. Try to remember to have fun and be your self. Keep us posted on what happens on the date so we can give you better help. I wish you the best of luck on your date.

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