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hell yeh they got to be like that (just_smile), I don't personally like to much gel it makes your go all dusty and their hair look too greasy. But looks arent important I mean physical ones, you've got too look deeper than that, into their heart over wise your wasting your time.

sphinx xxx

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thanks heaps fellz, your all champs how about cuts and scrapes and bruses and things? i tend to get alot from going out with friends ruff friends who like to do stupid stuff. also whats most girls vews on drugs and drinking and smokeing. drugs i dont do but ive tryed and i think alot of people thing differently of me because of it. also im a vergin, have come close lots of time but i dont want to do it until i achaly love some one and know they love me back? you think girls will think less of me because im a v?



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hey qbert,

for me i dont really like guys who smoke and do drugs it just shows a weakness to me, i dont really mind if they drink as long as they know their limits. the virgin thing it doesnt bother me and i dont think that it should bother anyone they should like you for who you are!!!. how old are you? the cuts and brusers thing, well ..... i suppose thats ok too, just not too many lol.

just my lil spin

hope this helps

~LJ =;

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hey, im 17, ive tryed a few durgs (weed 3 times and e once) and i drink about once a month. ive also tryed smokeing a few times but never really had a habbit of it, just one or two when ive been drunk. i dont get drunk, just have a few and i wouldent touch weed agen nomatter what. i think alot better of girls who haven had sex with guys i know, well i just found out that my x had sex with my good mate she dumped me for so maby its just her. the cuts and burses i get because im at the end of some ackny drugs ive been on for 6 months and i have really bad skin whyle im on it so i dont heal too fast. thanks for your help everonye



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looks are initially important to me, they draw you in and personality keeps you there. Bruises and cuts- nah, dun matta. one guy i liked was on the football team, bruises, bruises, bruises, all up his arms. I thought it would hurt but it didnt bother him much. Drugs- nope, i couldnt, i have friends who do, but i couldnt date someone who did. Same goes for smoking. Drinking, yea sure, just not gettin wasted every wkd type thing.


Gotta have nice, deep, seductive eyes. Ima sucker for guys with those!

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The thing that i like about a guy is their hair...


i for one love the long (mid long) hair ... kinda like the beatles ( no mullets!) and then the eyes... make sure to look her in the eyes = drama = ooh ...


then i like to see a guy dressed up... you know collered button up shirt and slacks


Smelling oh so good!

I recomend Aqua de Gio! I love it!!! or ... Hubo Boss or ... candies for men!!! Yeah those are so yummy


Lucks to u... and good luck with the acne...


oh yeah... teeth are so important

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Weed is bad just because it makes you seem week. like not being able or smart enouth to say no to it, then i think the people who brag about it are just wankers. after that if you do it too often then apart from haveing people looseing respect for you you will put less effort into the rest of your life... even if you dont notice... + what ever medical things that i couldent care less about... my advice to you mate... decover E... do that sensebely and it can be the most safe drug around and if you ask me 10000000000 times better then any weed...


As for being a vergin... ive lost mine to one girl, and i did love her, im pritty hard about it achaly, ive gotten very close and stoped it about 3 times befor with girls i liked but dident love...


And as for the girl that likes hair, eyes, smile and dressing up... you have the same taste's as me. thanks for the good adivce

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