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Don't know what to respond back!!!!!!

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I have a letter here from my boyfriend but I don't know what to say back!!!!! Please read and let me know!!!! Thanks




ok well let me start with the getting mad about you asking me if i

would ever cheat on you again... i told you the other day in the car

that when i make mistakes, like i did when i cheated on you, that i know

was stupid and wrong it pisses me off because i knonw that i am better

than whatever i did-and when i get reminded of it and asked if i will

ever make that mistake again it just ticks me off. now in our case of

me cheating on you i without a doubt know that i was wrong, i did it

stupidly and regret all 15 seconds of it. i wanted to do something that

would justify all of your accusations. now i am not saying that it is

you fault because it was me that made the choice and me alone...

now i know that you are what i want, i only want to be with you which is

just another reason why this makes me mad that i did what i did. now i

did say that i will never cheat on you again for a good amount of

reasons to which you responded with a yeah right type of email. now i

am not you, i don't think the way you do, i don't act the way you act,

so however you feel about cheating and whether i will ever do it again

is not on what you think or what you would do.

i, , being of sound mind and body vow to never ever cheat

on ever again!


that is about all i can say, if you believe me or not that is souly on

you and there is nothing more that i could do in regards to this

situation that i have not already done...

i love you-sincerely with all of my being.

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ok, he sounds upset.... anyways, so he cheated on you?? it seems weird to me that he would seem so angry about it. yeah, it was a stupid mistake, but what does he expect you to do?? just completely forget about it? of course its going to be harder for you to trust him, but why wouldn't it be? he needs to understand how hurt you are & that you don't understand why he would do something to hurt you so bad in the first place. he will probably just get even more angry that you can't just forget about it, but its important to know. this isn't something thats going to be so easy to forgive & forget & you will probably never forget. i mean, he needs to put himself in your position... would he be so understanding? would he say "oh, thats ok, it was only a mistake, we all make mistakes, i'll just forget about it because obviosly you are sorry" thats what he wants you to say, but its not that easy & if he's never been cheated on, he wouldn't understand your feelings. you should tell him that he needs to understand your position & how you feel because its not all about his feelings here. yeah, he says hes sorry, but if he can't understand how much you are hurt by this & your feelings on this, then he's not worth it. go find someone better who will be interested in you & your feelings.

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