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I need a manspeak definition please

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I am trying to figure out the male way of communicating...


What does it mean when a man describes a woman as "cute" or "pretty" (in attractiveness and relationship terms)? Ot seems like the male definition is different than the female.


I have a lot of guy friends and they will often talk about chicks as "cute" and then never go out with them. but they will go out with a pretty girl...


also, I have been called cute (a lot) and havent gotten many dates... What am I missing that the pretty girls dont have? What separates cute from pretty?


and thirdly, just to put my feministic opinion in, Most of my female friends that say a guy is cute will go out with them.


Women and men, please reply with your intepretation!!! 8)

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Oh that's tough one. Well in my experience, iv been called baby face and I still get guys after me,,,, but cute umm… well I could say to guys that's like saying you have a baby face kinda cute , and you cant date a baby face.. Now pretty you can date cos she prob is good looking pretty.


But different guys go for different kind of looks.


Im us gals like the baby look and the cute and sexy look. But some gals don't and like the manly look.

hope iv not confused you even more.

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I'm single, But there's this girls that fancys me, but she's engaged so I've backed of her.


I would say she's not the most pretty girl I've seen, But I'd definitely call her cute, My definition of cute is I think she attractive in a different way, I'd be happy to be around her, hold her, and want to look after her etc...

If she wasn't engaged I'd go out with her


I hope that makes sense if not I'm proberly confused about the word cute

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