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So here's the deal. My boyfriend and i live about 8hrs apart. It's a new relationship and this long distance thing is new for me too. I'm a full time student with a few jobs on the side and he works a regular work week with weekends off. I've made the trip down a few times during the summer to see him and things are just awesome when we are together but now that i'm back at school and working on weekends i can't make the trip down to see him. He's come up to visit me once and i understand that with the travel time (as he'd be travelling by bus) it's a long trip to make when he's only got Saturday and Sunday off. I care about him and i think that he cares about me but i don't know if i can see myself having a future with him? but if we break up then maybe i'm just giving up on something amazing (which is what i feel like when we are together) because of circumstances? Is it worth our time to be trying to make this work even when we can't see each other? Is it normal that even though i have a boyfriend, i often feel pretty much alone?

Does anybody have any experience with long distance relationships? How do you make it work? Especially when you are just starting out.

Thanks for anything that you have to say.

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Give the relationship time, maybe something will happen and he'll move closer to you. You never know. And if things start going bad, then you don't even have to make a decision. Sure it's normal to feel lonely. That's something that comes when you're used to talking to somebody like that. But I bet when you're with him you have not a care in the world and everything is perfect. You probably just feel lonely because you miss him. Just give it time and see how things go before you make any decisions like that!

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