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hi, i have written about things here before and always gotten good advice and im hopping i can get the same this time okay here it goes:


okay this guy and i have been flirting for a while now ..he said he's gong to ask me out in about 3 weeks he has a cast on his arm and wants to be abe to hug me properly and stuff(which is cute to me any way).. but my problem is i really like him im just not sure if im ready to go out with any one yet. granet my ex and i broke up about a month ago again(we went out for a fourth time) and the guy was there for me when my ex broke up with me. but im one of those types of people that doesn't wait very long for a guy, but for him im waiting. but im not sure if i can trust myself to make the right choice about this, and i really like him but i don't want to hurt him... thats the main thing.. he and i both just got out of a long relationship with our ex's. and im not sure if im ready to go out so in a way to me the 3 weeks is a good thing i can make up my mind. the other problem is my ex always asked "what if " questions and he pased the habbit to me and i have so many in my head i odn't know how to stop them or even sort them out.. okay thats the situation please give me your advice.

thank you so much

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I should say at first I am a little weary of the fact that the guy wants to wait three weeks because of his cast. Is it really because of the cast or someone or something else? Just my first thought. If you aren't the type to wait for another guy, well maybe this might be something special. You did take the time to write a post about him, am I right? Why don't you change your normal pace for once. Wait and then see. You can change your mind if you see fit. Like the reply above me says, " It's not a lifetime commitment." If you feel like he may be something special, then do the right thing. Wait.

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hey and thanks for the advice. it's not exactly that i want to wait but he does and im not going to question it. and i know i have the chance of loosing him but there is no one else i think he's hooked lol so im not worried, . and some times the best things are worth waiting for .. i actually am talking to him more now than i have in the past few days and explaining how i feel to him well trying and i think its going and so yeah thanks for the great advice.

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